Project Management Refresher

Welcome to the short course on Project management and the role negotiation plays in in the daily life of a Project Manager. In this course we will learn various ways to use negotiation skills as well as interpersonal skills to help you make sure you get what you want out of your project.

Conflict resolution

In the conflict resolution infographic which one of the following are a correct step?

  • Mediate
  • Consolidate
  • Intimidate
  • collaborate

Negotiation Skills

As seen in the report from the project management workshop we have come to the conclusion that project management requires a high level of negotiation. Whether it be with suppliers, sponsors or even team mates and employees. In order to accomplish this, we first need to acknowledge verbal skills and ascertain what language and tone should be used. An infographic with body postures and what they covey should be added as well as a web resource video on things never to say or to steer clear from in a negotiation. [] During the course various case studies should be used and through group discussions suggest how the situation could have been approved as well as spot where things went wrong in the negotiation. Use of role play will also be included and graded with two students given a scenario to act out,{ on IM or a group forum} on the completion of this activity other learners can comment and give advice on how the negotiation went. Within this module we will also have a brief look into basic phycology which will assist in assessing how to negotiate with different types of people. This could include another web video {}.Lastly we will look at interpersonal skills and how they affect negotiations, and how to improve on already acquired skills in the process as well as how to resolve conflict during negotiations. This infographic could also be used. {}