CS Pop Quiz 1

You will receive periodic Pop Quizzes to test your overall Menguin knowledge.

Pop Quiz 1

A customer was sent a size 52L jacket and is requesting a size up. What size do you REPL?

  • 50L
  • 53L
  • 54L

A customer calls after receiving their Groom Trial Tux on a Friday. They were not expecting it until the Monday they selected on the Trial site and the fiance is not back in town until Tuesday. When do they need to return the Trial by?

  • Tuesday- This is 48 hours after receiving the Trial garments.
  • Monday-This is 48 hours after receiving the Trial garments.
  • Wednesday-This is 48 hours after their Monday Trial date.

Groom Trial Tuxes are subject to the same $25/day late fees as traditional rentals starting the Thursday after their Monday Trial date.

  • Trial Tuxes are due to be scanned into the shipping provider the Wednesday after their Monday Trial date, thus completing the 48 hour Trial. If the Trial is not returned on time, the customer will be subject to the $25/ day late fees. In an effort to maintain flexibility and understanding, we will warn of this but the customer know that if they can return the Trial before end of day that Friday, they will not be charged. If not returned by end of day Friday, there is no way of know if the Trial was worn for an actual event on that weekend. Customers will then be charged full rental price.
  • Trial Tuxes do not have to returned by the Wednesday following their Monday Trial date. The Trial Tux can be returned anytime that is suitable for the customer.

Jacket half sizes (odd number sizes that are typically single digit adjustments) end at what size?

  • 48 S, R, L, XL
  • 66 S, R, L, XL
  • 54 S, R, L, XL

A customer received a 42L jacket. The body of the jacket had a 4" gap after the button trick. The shoulders are a bit wide. Jacket sleeves are 2" too short. What size do you send the customer?

  • 40XL
  • 40XL, lengthen sleeves 1/2 inch
  • 38L, lengthen sleeves 1 and 1/2 inch
  • 40L, lengthen sleeves 1 and 1/2 inch

The 5XA vests are the only backless vests.

  • Both the 5XA and Boy's vests are backless.
  • The 5XA vest is the only backless vest.

A customer emails us. How do you respond? "Hi Menguin. Our wedding is January 20, 2017 in Japan. Everyone is traveling on January 16th and will not return until January 24th. Does this timeline work with you guys?"

Bob Villa calls in asking to speak with Bogdan about a new marketing tool he claims Bogdan is interested in. You respond by asking for Bob's name, email, contact number, and company name. Let Bob know Bogdan will reach out if interested.

  • Best to take down the caller's information to then email or slack to the corresponding Menguin team member.
  • It is best to transfer the call directly to Bogdan or even better, to give Bogdan's direct contact information to Bob.

Listening to the CS Huddle is...

  • Important
  • Required in a timely manner.
  • Suggested