About Us

Goddess Cosmetics is a company created to offer something unique and different to the beauty industry. By fusing two different extremes in style to create one unique modern look. The extremes of beauty are often viewed by many as something that should not be aspired to or something left to be had. We focus on featuring makeup in its extreme glory as ART allowing the end user to decide how to incorporate what they see into their own unique style. A woman is ART! Beauty is ART! Makeup allows us to create ART! We express makeup as art by focusing on a concept called Elegance & Edge. Our goal is to help a woman to find her unique style in between these two extremes. For instance, my style is old Hollywood Glamour of the 30's up to the 60's. I love the glitter and flamboyant style of the seventies. I combine the elegance of glamour from the past and add my edge with glitter and different colored liquid eyeliners made with our Hi-Def Pigments. I love glitter so much that it is included in so many of the products Goddess Cosmetics has offer. Welcome to the team!

“A Goddess should be two things: Elegant & Edgy!"

Goddess Cosmetics

About us

Goddess Cosmetics was launched in Dallas, TX in September of 2014 when the owner decided to create a cosmetics company, that would bridge the gap between her two favorite styles of makeup Elegance and Edge! 

The best way to describe Goddess Cosmetics is as a Make-Up Arts cosmetics company. We feature women and makeup as an art form, whether elegant, edgy or a combination of both. Because we feature makeup as Art we carry lots of unique, innovative, fun and exceptional products. That will allow you to paint and create your own personal masterpiece daily. 

We are indeed a high-end cosmetics company with an extensive color collection, botanical skincare and we do not test on animals. Whether it’s a night out on the town with your beau, to a casual outing with friends, Goddess Cosmetics will allow you to express your unique style. By enhancing your beauty, increasing your confidence and reminding you of what it feels like to be a woman (aka a Goddess!)


Goddess Cosmetics creates four major makeup color collections a year. We do consider the colors and looks of the coming season, but this has little to do with the creation of our color collections. We feature an extreme, ultimate Goddess main cover style for each collection. This look is always our main marketing for the collection but is only a small part of what the collection offers. The vision of the company was to bridge the gap between elegance and edge, therefore all collections contain lots of color options and more than one way to create the look. 

We make it a point to include enough colors in the collection to ensure that no skin color or race is left out. Goddess Cosmetics is for All Ages, All Sexes, All Races...it’s for anyone who wants to pick up a container of makeup and create a MASTERPIECE! 


We dare say that all women of the world are living breathing Goddesses, who deserve to look their best and show the world their unique beauty. One definition of the word Goddess is: A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty…. enough said!!!!!

Our motto is in part inspired by the late, great Coco Chanel. We wanted to make sure we gave credit to one of the ultimate Divas of style and beauty. “A Goddess should be two things: Elegant & Edgy!"

Our Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program

Our Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program 

From the moment, Goddess Cosmetics was created, the goal to launch an affiliate program was envisioned. It combines the social media marketing explosion, which allows a person to leverage being social with making money. To be successful you would need to love makeup, beauty, skincare, communicating with others and being a spokesperson on social media. You will learn online, social, affiliate and offline marketing skills to earn a living. All you need to do is master the skill of sending traffic to our website through your affiliate link. This can be done with online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, offline marketing, face to face client marketing and much more!

What We Offer

Our program has no upfront fees to join, learn, train and sell makeup. This is your business and all businesses require some type of investment. Whether that investment is with your time or monetary. We do not require that you purchase a starting package of products from us to begin our program. Should you try and use our products? Yes! But can you send traffic to our website without wearing any of our makeup on your face? YES!!! We will teach you how to do just that and we offer a wonderful Rewards Program that allows you to earn coupons towards your own purchases. We offer highly discounted Brand Ambassador Starter Kits as well, in the next training course you will receive the link to view those amazing kits. 


The affiliate portal is stocked full of marketing materials, images, social media campaigns, sample email blasts, affiliate training videos and many advanced marketing techniques. A new training course will be added weekly. You can access the courses as often as possible. There is a lot of information that you will need to learn to excel in this position. For that reason, you will learn topics in a course format, to allow you to learn new things and still progress between courses. 

Welcome To The Team

Thank you for choosing to become part of our team of Brand Ambassador Affiliates. We will present you with a new opportunity to make money that no other cosmetics company has ventured to attempt. Companies in our industry offer representative opportunities, that may or may not require you to stock and ship products. Instead you will act as a spokesperson aka Brand Ambassador for our company, while getting paid as an affiliate for the purchases made by the traffic you send to our website. But unlike an affiliate we will continue to pay you commissions every time the same customer you referred makes additional future purchases. You will not need to stock products; your customers can order from you directly if you are a professional makeup artist or shop owner. But this still does not require that you personally stock these products and you would simply direct them to our site through your affiliate to place their order. Imagine being in business for yourself in this industry without having to store and purchase stock to sell to your clients. 

The next module will explain how our ambassador program works. How you get paid, what to expect, along with our policies and procedures.