This lesson explains what the eMarket module is, how it can be used by your campus, and provides guidance in setting up and managing eMarkets sites.

What is eMarket?

What is eMarket?

Campuses use the eMarket module to accept online payments that do not relate to student account balances.   

If your campus also uses CASHNet's ePayment module, eMarket differs in the following ways:

1.  Balances are not retrieved from your campus system to display within eMarket.

2.  Payments do not post to the student account.

3.  Student account related services do not relate to these payments such as installment payment plans, refund disbursements , etc.

Which option best describes eMarket?

  • A module used to accept tuition payments.
  • A module used to accept non tuition related payments.
  • None of these options

How can eMarket be used?

Campuses can use eMarket to:

1.  Process payments for an existing website developed by your campus or another vendor.

2.  Develop a website and process payments for items or services offered on the site.

Imagine having access to a video showing examples of eMarket here.  Need to upgrade to a paid account to do this.

Operator Access

Operator Group or Individual Operator Allowable Activities

Merchant Profiles - for Unlimited eMarket Users

Preparing to set up an eMarket

Required Fields

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eMarket Payment Options

Credit Cards


International Funds Transfer

Purchase Orders