Outside Employee Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Training

Welcome to the annual Red Flags training for Blue Ridge Electric and Blue Ridge Energies employees!  This training is required by Board Policy 4-7B (Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Program).  Our Identity Theft Prevention Operational Policy (policy #2-5-1-0) is designed to guide us in protecting the personally identifiable information of our members and customers.  Please take a few moments to carefully complete the training as these skills are the key to protecting our members' and customers' confidential information.

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This training will enable employees to ensure compliance with our Identity Theft Operational Policy and effectively protect the personally identifiable information of our members and customers.

Red Flag Intro

  • Why do we have a Red Flags Policy?  The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT Act) is a provision of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Agency.  It requires us to take steps to curb identity theft.
  • What is a Red Flag? A Red Flag is a pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft. 
  • What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is the illegal use of someone's personal information (such as a social security number) in order to obtain money or credit. Identity theft costs consumers and businesses millions of dollars each year and causes difficulties for victims trying to repair their good name and credit.  The existence of a Red Flag does NOT automatically mean Identity Theft has occurred.
  • The key to upholding our policy is that we cannot share any account information with anyone other than the member/customer.  The member/customer may contact us and add authorized individuals to their account if they wish for them to have access to their information or have the ability to make changes. 

Question 1

  • True
  • False
It is acceptable to share a member's or customer's account information with the individual, their family, and close friends. 

Different Types of Personally Identifiable Information

What types of information are we trying to protect?

  1. Social security or tax identification number
  2. Driver’s license, state identification, or passport number

  3. Checking or savings account number

  4. Credit or debit card number and related expiration date or security code

  5. Personal identification code or requested code word to access account information

  6. Email address or internet login/password information

  7. Digital signature

  8. Any other data (including account number) which may be used to access financial information.

  9. Any other account details which a member may be sensitive about us providing (i.e. balance on account, due dates, account status, etc.)


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Question 2

  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Account Number
  • Member's Birthday
Which of the following could be Personally Identifiable Information? (Choose all that apply)

Protecting Confidential Member Information

  • To ensure confidential member information is protected, always check to make sure no customer or member information is left visible in Blue Ridge trucks or in our work areas. 
  • If asked for information in the field, only give account information directly to the member or the people who have authorization for the account. 


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Close Course

Our duty is to protect our member's and customer's confidential information.  If we always use our best judgement, we will accomplish the goal! 

To complete the training, click "Home" and then"Submit Results".

Thank you and have a great day!


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