Past tenses

Past Tenses

Choose the correct option

She _____________ in Sweden before she went to Norway

  • lived
  • had lived

After we ____________________ the pancakes, Henry came in.

  • had eaten
  • ate

He ________________________ a fortune by the age of 26.

  • made
  • had made

They watered the trees that they ______________.

  • planted
  • had planted

I had to clean the floor because my cats ___________ over the flower pots.

  • knocked
  • had knocked

It was only when I got home that I realized, to my horror, that _____________for the meal.

  • didn't pay
  • hadn't paid

When I got home, I had a rest and we _________ dinner.

  • had
  • had had

When I got home, they _____________ dinner. They were sleeping.

  • had
  • had had