California Drivers Ed

Deedal Drivers Ed is DMV-approved course E2017. Now, let's get that Drivers Ed certificate.

Unit 1: Driving Responsibility

Driving, a privilege, not a right


Right is given to you

Privilege is earned

Driving a vehicle is a privilege, so you must earn it.

Each driver in California must have a driver license in order to drive any kind of vehicle on a public roadway or in a parking facility

Driving is a

  • privilege
  • right

What a driver license mean to you?

Having a driver license is a privilege, not a right. All California residents must have a driver license to operate a vehicle of any kind on a public highway or parking facility.

Unit 2: Human Physical and Psychological Issues

Physical nature of the driver

In order to drive safely, you must be in good physical condition. In particular, you need to be able to see and hear well enough to detect potential hazards and handle emergency situations.


In order to drive safely, you must:

  • be physically fit
  • eat a lot
  • go to work early


The five abilities required for being a safe driver are sometimes referred to as SIPDE!: (a) Search, (b) Identify, (c) Predict, (d) Decide, and (e) Execute. Safe driving cannot be accomplished if one or more of these abilities is missing. These abilities relate to a driver’s perception, judgment, and motor function.