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This course will provide you with all of the necessary information relating to Invisiboard. 

Helping vendors understand the InvisiBoard™ product offering (copy)

Introduction: What is InvisiBoard™?

InvisiBoard™ is a window-boarding solution offered exclusively by Cyprexx that utilizes a clear polycarbonate material (instead of plywood) to secure or 'board-up' windows. This 'clear-boarding' solution has become popular with servicers, but the view is compromised when an obvious cross-bar is visible from the street. InvisiBoard's unique installation method solves this unsightly problem.

Please note: As a Cyprexx vendor, you are expected to complete the installation if InvisiBoard™ when a client requests it.  

View the InvisiBoard Installation Demonstration Video


1 - Measurement

Measurements are very important for the proper installation of InvisiBoard - and must be accurate to 1/8". 

  • Measurements for InvisiBoard must be taken on the exterior of the window, against the window frame itself

You'll need four measurements for each opening:

1. Top of windows (Top left corner to top right corner)

2. Bottom of window (Bottom left corner to bottom right corner)

3. Left side of window (Top left corner to bottom left corner)

4. Right side of window (Top right corner to bottom right corner)

2 - Installation Methods and Hardware

The installation of InvisiBoard requires the use of our patented mounting hardware.  There are three different types of hardware for the different methods of installation:

1)  Exterior Clips
2)  Interior Flanges
3)  Interior Blocks


Which method/hardware will you use?  This will vary depending upon the type of opening.  You may be required to use one or more types of hardware to securely mount the InvisiBoard in the window opening. 

2a - Exterior Clips

Exterior Clips are used at the top of an opening, on the exterior of the window: 

  • They are used when the top pane of glass of a window is not broken
  • There are two corner clips and one center clip to install
  • The center clip is used when the opening is larger than 30"
  • The clips are a modified version of the Plylox Clips used for boarding during hurricanes
  • There must be a distance of at least 1 1/2" from the face of the exterior wall, to the face of the window frame
  • A piece of cardboard is supplied with each clip. This is to protect the surface of the opening from being damaged as the clips are slid in to place

1. The corner clips are placed over the top right and left corners of the polycarbonate sheet before it is put in to place.

2. The center clip is slid over the top of the polycarbonate in the center. The teeth on the clips must be facing away from the window.

3. Whenever possible, secure the bottom of the polycarbonate sheet first. This will help when you are ready to push the clips in to place.

4. Once the polycarbonate is secure at the bottom, and all clips are in place, firmly push the clips against the window frame. If installed properly, the teeth of the clips will be holding securely against the exterior structure of the opening.


2b - Interior Flanges

The Interior Flanges are used at the bottom and in some cases the top of the window, in combination with the Exterior clips:

  • There must be at least a ¼” exposed surface on the bottom and side of the interior window frame
  • It is easiest to drill the holes with a ½” Paddle bit

  • The holes drilled must be ½” to allow for the expansion and contraction in the polycarbonate sheet NoteIf the hole is smaller than ½” the polycarbonate can develop small cracks around the bolt


1. Place the poly angle in the bottom corner of the opening against the window frame, as seen above. If the glass is not broken, open the bottom sash of the window enough to pass through a 3/8” bolt.

2. Mark both the angle and the polycarbonate sheet and drill a ½” hole in both bottom corners to allow for the installation of the 3/8” bolt. These must be marked as close to the inside corners as possible.

3. Pass the carriage bolt through the exterior sheet and through the angle.

4. Install the washer and nut, tighten until the nut is snug and place the rubber caps over both bolt ends.

2c - Interior Blocks

The Interior Blocks and pipe can be used anywhere the traditional wood 2 x 4 was used:

  • The pipe used is a standard piece of ½” EMT electrical conduit. This is a standard item at any hardware store 
  • The conduit and blocks must be placed as low (or high if used at top) in the opening as possible
  • If the glass is not broken at the bottom, raise the sash enough to pass through the 3/8” bolts
  • The blocks that are supplied are predrilled to fit over the ½” EMT and allow for installation of the 3/8” carriage bolts


1. Purchase the conduit and  3/8” carriage bolts with nut and washer.

2. Set the polycarbonate sheet on the exterior of the opening and follow the same steps when drilling the ½” holes.

3. On the interior, cut the ½” EMT conduit approximately 6”–8” longer than the opening.

4. Slide the blocks over the conduit and place 5/8” plastic caps on each end for safety.

5. Pass the carriage bolts through the exterior polycarbonate and the ½” hole in the blocks.

6. Install the washer and nut, tighten as needed. The carriage bolts must not protrude more than ¾” past the block.

7. Place the rubber caps over the ends of the bolts.

8. Two pieces of felt are supplied to protect the interior surface that comes into contact with the conduit. Place it onto the conduit before it is secured into place.

3 - The Finished Product

In the completed examples below poly angles were used at all four cornersTake notice of the view into the property from the exterior.  The InvisiBoard installation methods create an overall better view of the asset!




When Asked to Complete an InvisiBoard™ Installation...

1. Take measurements and 'Before' photos

2. Submit measurements and photos to coordinator

3. Coordinator orders the materials

Once materials arrive...

1. Complete the InvisiBoard™ installation

2. Take 'After' photos

3. Report completion to coordinator and submit 'After' photos

If You Have Questions...

Any questions regarding InvisiBoard™ should be referred to the assigned Cyprexx Coordinator. Their contact information can be found on the work order.

If there is an emergency, and you cannot reach the coordinator, you may call the InvisiBoard Hotline at (813) 387-5875. This line is for emergencies only.


InvisiBoard™ ...

  • is a product offered exclusively by Cyprexx.
  • is a window-boarding solution offered as an alternative to plywood board-ups.
  • improves the exterior appearance of the home.
Multiple Choice: Select the option(s) that apply.

Fill in the blanks.

When asked to complete an InvisiBoard™ installation...

First, you  and . Next, you . Then, the coordinator orders the materials. Once the materials arrive, you shouldand take . Finally, submit your 'AFTER' photos and let the coordinator know that the installation has been completed.

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