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A project plan is a critical aspect of project management and it is necessary for all projects to have a plan for them to be smart.

Evaluating the project

What are the goals of the project

  • Creating a simple project plan
  • Creating a management plan
  • Planning for the company
  • Company organization

Review and assign the roles and responsibilities of the project team members

Establish who on the project needs to approve which parts of the plan

  • The project sponsor
  • Manager
  • Employee
  • Auditor

Analysis of the project cost

What is the project cost

  • Money to spent on the entire project
  • How much the project is
  • How much to pay team members
  • Project cost

Design a scope statement for the project.

What is the project scope statement?

  • Components of a project
  • Name of project
  • Name of company
  • Name of sponsor

Demonstrate the method and tools to be used in the projected

What tools are needed for different project team members

  • Business Plans
  • Sponsors vision
  • Companies vision
  • Managers vision

Define the project plan

What is the project plan?

Creating a project plan


Definition of a project plan: A project plan is a set of livs direction for the project

Project planning is a discipline for stating how something is to be accomplished within a certain time frame usually with defined stages.

Top management will decide on their organizations Purpose and objections for a certain period of tune and then plans a shortly to achieve these goals witch will also include cooling for sponsors for project trough project management which will include the project plan as one of its components

The project manager needs to set the course for the project b for the project by creating the project plan the project manager would need to correct the project course when there are changes or problems along the project

The 10 steps of creating a project plan

1. Explanation of the key components to the stake holders

2. outline the roles and responsibilities

3. Arrange a kick off meeting and address the following:

Business Vision

Project vision

Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders

Team building

How the team makes decisions

Ground rules

The size of the group

4. Develop a scope statement and include:

Projects scope

Benefits of completing the project

The business needs and business problems

Project objectives

Key milestones

5. Develop a scope baseline

6. Develop the schedule and cost

7. Create baseline management plans

8. Develop staffing plan

9. Analyze project quality and risk

10. Communicates plan


One of the critical factors for project success is having a well-developed project plan.


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Module 1 part 2: The pivotal role of training and development in South Africa

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  • Key to succesful projects
  • Plan for the company
  • Formal document
  • Company goals