Project Management: Fundamentals

Have you ever considered what it took to build something as fantastic as the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China? If it was not for project management nothing would ever be completed.

This course has been created in order to give you a high-level understanding of project management by looking at the background and history in Module 1 and in Module 2 by looking at the concepts relevant to project management. 

Project Management: The Background and History

Project Management Evolution and Progression

When one thinks about project management (PM), Project Management Book Of Knowledge and Prince2 are most likely the two methodologies that come to mind.

These two methodologies are preceded by an evolutionary path stemming as far back as 2 570 BC when the Pyramids of Giza were built.

As depicted in the attached illustration below (Illustration 1 – Evolution of Project Management), several dates and orange markers show key and important milestones that added to the evolution and progression of Project Management.

It can be seen that two events in the old world initiated the concept of project management. The building of these two structures namely, the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China, that still stand today would have relied on observing even the most basic definition of project management as defined in the above introductory video.

In the modern world, Henry Gantt created the Gantt chart which with its combination of times and tasks, provided a formal method for documenting and displaying the project lifecycle stages (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing). (

Other notable milestones which contributed to this evolution would be the establishment of the Project Management Institute in 1969. This very institution went to publish the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) in 1987 which can be regarded as the manual of manuals when it comes to Project Management and is an established PM methodology. This manual is now in its 5th Edition.

Prince, a PM methodology was initially introduced in 1989 and was found to be too complex and later simplified which gave rise to Prince2 in 1996 and 3 years later underwent a major facelift which simplified it even more.

How many Project Management methodologies are currently in use?

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Project Management Institute was established before the Gantt chart?

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