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Phonics Reading BOOK 1

My Dad

My dad has a new bag.

He is very glad.

My dog likes bags.

He is very bad.

My dog bites the bag.

Now my dad is mad.

Complete: Choose the correct one.

This is a white                               .

  • flower
  • bottle
  • mouse

Complete: Choose the correct one 2

2. My dog bites the ____________.

  • tag
  • bag
  • lag

Listen and Write

sad glad dad bag

1. My has a new bag.

2. Now my dad is .

3. He is very .

4. My dog likes s.





Congratulations on passing this course!

Hopefully, now you've got a better idea of gerund and infinitive.

To train a bit more, follow this link: Gerunds infinitive spin

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Unit 2 Mr. Ram


Mr. Ram

A man and a ram

sit on a dam.

The man eats beans.

And the ram eats ham.

The man asks the ram,

"May I have some jam?"

But the big fan blows the jam

into his can.



ram fan jam beans



More Words: Unscramble the words.

1. a c n ->  
2. i s t ->  
3. m h a ->   
4. a d m ->