Pre-arrival CPIE Coordination and IM Core Skills E-Learning Modules, Part B

The e-learning component of the CPIE Coordination and IM Core Skills Training is composed of two parts: Part A and Part B. You are viewing Part B. In Part B, we have four additional modules with accompanying assignments to be completed and submitted.  Each module contains a practical, IM-based assignment. You must complete Part B, at the latest, by 13 June 2016. If you would like feedback on your exercises, please send your work by 8 June 2016. The purpose of the pre-arrival e-learning modules is to prepare you for the 5-day simulation.

 To qualify for the in-person portion of this course, you must complete and submit all assignments in both Part A and Part B.

If you are already comfortable with the IM components of these modules, you do not have to do the walkthrough or videos. Rather, you can directly go to the exercises.

Module 1 - Getting to know Excel

Basic structure and set up of Excel

1.1 Getting Started

1.2 Cell Basics

1.3 Modifying columns, rows and cells

1.4 Freeze panes & 1.5 formatting cells

1.6 Sorting data

1.8 Formatting tables

1.9 Saving

Module 1: Exercise

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Module 2 - Preparing your Excel file

Preparing your Excel files

2.1 Working with basic functions

2.2 Creating simple formulas

2.3 Worksheet basics

2.4 Lock/Unlock cells, protect worksheets and workbooks

2.5 Dropdown lists

Module 2: Exercise

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Module 3 - Cleaning and Analyzing

Cleaning and Analyzing your Excel files

3.1 Find and replace

3.2 Remove duplicates

3.3 Pivot Tables

3.4 Creating a chart

3.5 Data visualization

Module 3: Exercise

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Module 4 - Information sharing (due by 13 June 2015)

Information Sharing & a little bit of ard-core Excel

4.1 Skype – Setting up Skype

4.2 Skype – Adding Contacts

4.3 DropBox – Quick Start

4.4 Mailchimp – Beginner’s Tutorial

4.5 Excel - Functions

4.6 Excel - VLOOKUP Function

Module 4: Exercise

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