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Team Building Module

Learning Objectives

Course: Team Building - Online Module

At the completion of this online module, you will be able to:

-Identify the "Big Five" personality traits

-3 suggested ways to build an effective team using the "Big Five" traits


You will be evaluated through:

-Matching Definitions

-Dragging and Dropping Text to correct terms

-True and False Questions

Training Overview

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Traits Definitions
  3. Traits Example
  4. Big Five and Team Building
  5. Evaluations
  6. Debrief

Introduction to The Big Five Personality Model


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Big Five Personality Traits

Hover over each "i" to learn about the 5 Traits

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Sliding Scale

Each trait is on a sliding scale

Hover over the extremities to see examples

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Big Five and Team Building

Step 1 - Take note of ideal traits you need before building your team

Step 2 - Look for personalities that will fit into your team culture

Step 3 - Pair new employees up with team members with compatible personalities

Match the Big Five Traits to their Definition

  • Neuroticism
    Trait of emotional stability and degree of negative emotions
  • Openness to Experience
    Trait of seeking new experiences and intellectual pursuits
  • Extraversion
    Trait of seeking fulfillment from sources outside the self or in the community
  • Agreeableness
    Trait of adjusting behaviour to suit others
  • Conscientiousness
    Trait of being honest and hardworking

Correctly place where traits fall on the spectrums

  • Sociable
  • Introverted
  • Reliable
  • Disorganized
  • Nervous
  • Relaxed
  • Conventional
  • Creative
  • Courteous
  • Critical

Traits and Team Building

  • You should take note of ideal traits you need after building your team
  • Pair new employees up with team members with opposite personalities
  • Look for personalities that will fit into your team culture


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