Ground Arrays

Welcome to the Ground Arrays module.

As we have seen in the Heat Pump Basics module, the ground arrays are the part of a heat pump system that harvest low-grade heat from the ground (or from water).

In this section we will examine the different types of ground array, and consider the pros and cons of each type so that you can select the right kind for your project.

We'll go over sizing arrays in order to get the best performance and to comply with MCS guidelines.

We will look at how the arrays are installed in the ground, and illustrate a few important points to remember.

What kinds of ground array are there?

Straight pipe



Pond Mats

Water source systems

Pros and Cons

What's right for my project? Pros and cons at a glance


How much pipe is enough?

Communal Ground Arrays

What's a communal array?

Why would I use one?

Installation hints and tips


Straight pipe


Pond mats

Open loop

Manifolds, header pipework, and antifreeze

Types of manifold


Header pipework

Quiz - let's review what you've picked up.

True or False?

What factors affect the size of a ground array?