Sample Course


Kings River System

  • Courtright Reservoir
  • Lost Creek Crossing
  • Helms PH
  • Wishon Reservoir
  • Haas PH
  • Balch Forebay
  • Balch PH
  • Balch Afterbay
  • Kings River PH

Match the river system with their large reservoirs output

  • Pit River System
    Lake Shasta
  • Feather River System
    Lake Oroville
  • American River System
    Folsom Lake
  • Mokelumne River System
    Pardee & Camanche Reservoir
  • Stanislaus River System
    New Melones Reservoir
  • San Joaquin River System
    Millerton Lake
  • Kings River System
    Pine Flat Reservoir

Place the river systems in the correct order from North to South

  • Pit River System
  • Feather River System
  • YCWA River System
  • Drum/Yuba/Bear River System
  • Middle American River System
  • Mokelumne River System
  • Stanislaus River System
  • Merced River System
  • San Joaquin River System
  • Kings River System

Hydro Resource True or False

  • Helms can pump and gen at the same time
  • Exchequer PH is a PG&E owned resource
  • Butt Valley PH fills Butt Valley Reservoir
  • JBB #1 and #2 are Black Start Resources


Where are Colusa GS and Gateway GS located?

DCPP Backdown

The Humboldt Area Peak Season is:

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring


Renewable True or False

  • Topaz can only be curtailed down to exactly 40MW when site’s RT LMP is below the bid Price1 for the respective RT HE.
  • If a wind site with economic curtailment bids has an OMS card due to TELEMETRY issues, with a description “Site not able to automatically follow the DOT, generation not affected. Issue does not affect generation”. Site is not exempt from responding ADS economic dispatches (Neg Supp instruction in ADS)
  • High winds are actually a deterrent to renewable generation (Both solar and wind sites often need to be shut down due to high wind speeds)
  • Ivanpah can maximize its generation anytime by using natural gas to meet its energy obligations to PG&E and SCE (Its highly regulated by the RPS standard that dictates no more than 2% of total fuel use)

Which of these is a CSP facility?

CSP - Concentrated Solar Power 

[Insert information about CSP]

Where are these wind facilities located?

  • Jawbone, Rising Tree, Coram Brodie, and North Sky Ranch Wind Farms
  • Diablo, Vasco, and Altamont Wind Farms
  • Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm