Module A – Republic Wireless Intro and CPNI

At the end of this course an agent will have a basic understanding of Republic Wireless’ mission statement, ticket handling expectations, CPNI and how to protect it, intro to systems and support team functionality.


Sections of this module:


A brief intro to terms you will encounter during this training

  • Account - This is the highest level of our relationship with a member. We identify Accounts by Email addresses primarily.
  • Account owner - name & email associated w/the role of owner
  • Account user - has been assigned a service line by name & email by the Owner
  • Service line - Currently/previously provided cell/VoIP service to a device by way of a service plan with the use of a phone number.
  • RW - Republic Wireless
  • ZD - Zendesk (ticketing system)
  • OW - Opsware (info about RW service)
  • Community/Agent Docs - Special space for Republic agents to find SOPs
  • SOP- Standard Operating Procedure/Docs
  • ROM - Read Only Memory/ Android Version OS - Operating System (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat)
  • APK - Android Application Package = App Version
  • CSAT - Customer Satisfaction
  • RMA/RR - Return Merchandise Authorization/Return and Replace
  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • TN - Telephone Number
  • VoIP - Voice Over IP
  • CM - Member
  • BCD - Bill Cycle Date (Prepaid)
  • Red/blue SIP - Related to WiFi Connection
  • Red/blue MQTT- Cell or WiFi connection
  • MDN- Cell number to route over cell
  • Device ID- MEID/IMEI/"Serial number"
  • MMS/SMS- Multimedia Messaging System/Text Messaging

CPNI & How to Protect It

CPNI Certification

Customer Proprietary Network Information is a set of federal laws and guidelines applicable to communications providers administered by the FCC. We must be able to demonstrate measures have been taken to ensure confidentiality and the safe handling of information. This is a legal duty on all sectors who collect and store any kind of information.

This guide will help you to learn how to identify a verified user and deal with unique CPNI issues. Please click the image below to be taken to the mandatory CPNI PDF for your review, and then return to this training:


1. CPNI consists of information related to: 

  • The quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of communications services and
  • information contained on your bill concerning your communications services.

2.  Before transmitting confidential information to others, we need to be sure that the requester is verified to receive information about the account by either: 

  • Ensuring the requester's email is on file in Opsware as the Account Owner
  • or asking the requester to provide all 5 pieces of information (must match OW account): the name of the account owner, IMEI/MEID of Republic device, a Republic phone number on associated service line, billing zip code, last 4 digits of the credit card on file. 

3. If the requester identifies as someone who is NOT THE ACCOUNT OWNER, we must ask them to have the account owner reach out to us, even if they contact us from the account owner email.

Once you've read through Republic Wireless Customer Privacy and CPNI Training and Certification and viewed the Agent Documentation Outlining CPNI please affirm your understanding by this Google doc & the CPNI Certification sheet.

Where does this information come from? 

The member's email address on file comes from initial account creation. See for yourself! Use this link to sign up for a Republic Wireless Community account with your ModusLink email. This email address will be associated with your Zendesk and Opsware accounts so please make a mental note of the password. Once you've set up an account and agreed to the terms and conditions, be sure to log out and log back into your training credentials!



Which one of the following is not necessary for a requester to verify they are the account owner? (two answers)

  • The MEID/IMEI of a Republic device associated with their account
  • Telephone number associated with SL on account
  • Order number
  • Billing zip code
  • Last 4 of CC on file
  • Email on account

CPNI Oddities

Phone is not yet activated

If the member has purchased a phone but not yet activated it, we may verify they are the account owner/purchaser by requesting the order number (will be emailed to member), name on account, billing zip code, last 4 of the credit card on file.

Owner is unable to contact on their own behalf

If someone emails in and reports that an owner can't contact to cancel/etc. we can request a death certificate (at times Power of Attorney) and then escalate the ticket to Partners & Escalation/Mangement for assistance

Phone is dead

If the phone is "bricked," it may be possible to locate the IMEI/MEID on the device itself. For more information, see the CA tab on Sharepoint and choose Verify. The IMEI/MEID will also be displayed in the member's Account Portal.

If a CC appears to be in someone's name but this does not match "owner" or "user" we may provide account information.

  • True
  • False

Republic Wireless Culture & Ticket Standards

Who We Are: The Republic Wireless Brand

Provide remarkably simple and affordable ways to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, in anyway.

Ways to Reach Support

Email (Help Tickets)

•Email from phone (Republic App), Account Portal, or direct email

•Help ticket is created and triaged (assigned) to the correct team

•Monitored 24/7


•Various chat pop-ups available throughout the website

•Chat Now button on ticket creation

•If unable to resolve request in chat, help ticket is created

•Monitored 24/7 - when resources allow


Social Media

•Post comments or direct message any of our social media channels

•Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

•If needed, social media liaison will push to escalate or assist with help ticket creation

•Monitored normal business hours



•Members helping members with additional Ambassador and user engagement team assistance

•Post through comments, ideas, Think Tank, discussions

•Pointed to troubleshooting documentation or ticket if not available

•Monitored normal business hours

Please grab a "lab phone" and open the Republic App to find how to open a help ticket. Which is the correct icon to "Open a help ticket"?

Opening a Help Ticket From Browser > Hover over Help, click on Help Center > Scroll to Open a Ticket (will need to login)

  • Republic Arc Icon
  • WiFi symbol/icon
  • Question mark icon
  • Gear Icon
  • Cell Signal Bars Icon

Ticket Tone supports "Who We Are" in outlining how we communicate

How we sound:

•We talk like people talk.

•We put people first.

•We show empathy.


Republic’s tone is:

QA pushes us toward excellence! Category 1. Processing

The only way to fail QA is to provide a member with incorrect information or process their request incorrectly.
Internal Notes - Yes, No or Partial. SOPs may require especially where account changes are made (this is part of CPNI), but we should always include. Sharepoint> CA Internal Note Macros

Correct Steps - Did we provide the member the correct information and handle the request according to the SOP? Yes, No, Partial.

All questions answered - if a member asked a pointed question(s) did we address these specifically? Yes, No, Partial.

Category 2. Must-haves

Grammar and spelling - Was our communication professional? Did our spelling/grammatical mistakes cloud our presented information? Yes, No, Partial.

Correct Opening/Closing - We open all tickets with "Hi [member's name]," capitalize proper nouns & names! All tickets should end
[your first name]" This section we either did use a correct open/close or we did not (Yes, No).

Category 3. Personality & Tone

Paraphrase - Did we make clear to the member that we understand their concern/issue and assure them of a timely resolution (if necessary). Yes, No

Friendly - are we being personable? Yes, No, Partial

Empathy - Where needed, are we attempting to put ourselves in the member’s shoes? Yes, No

Mirror language - Did we communicate the information at a digestible level? Yes, No

QA is a formula and you'll find your own pace/tone to make QA a breeze


Paraphrase + Empathy. Grammar and spelling

Mirror language + Correct Steps. Grammar and spelling.

 All questions answered. Grammar and spelling.




Solid ticket: 



Solid ticket:




Poorly handled ticket:

What is the one way to fail QA?

  • Forget to sign the ticket
  • Not including an internal note
  • Providing a member incorrect information or not following an SOP

Daily Routine: RMA Follow-Ups, Personal RMA tickets, Mini Pod Schedule (on Sharepoint)



We need to complete RMA follow-ups. They improve CSAT & member satisfaction but they also allow us to determine if there are any problems w/replacement ASAP so we can get the member up and running again.

Before 9A - All in RMA & Cancellation


Mini Pod 


1. Check your Personal Queue and work tickets there, focusing on RMA Follow-up:

2. Open tickets where it's been over 24-business hours because they should have received their replacement. 

3. Open RR/RA. Check tracking or IMEI to see if phone is activated. 

a. Received/not activated: let cm know replacement has been delivered, send activation steps, let them know we're happy to help.

b. Received/Activated: Let cm know we're happy to see phone is activated. Let cm know we're happy to help with any questions/concerns

c. Not received: change task to next business day, let cm know tracking progress.

4. Important that we take the ticket off Task and back to Question w/ 72_hour_monitor On-Hold: 

RMA SOP & Cancellation

If your Mini Pod Schedule is RMAs/Cancellations, then throughout the day you are to please take your turn working within these queues are your priority. 

If you're scheduled to work TFC these are Time to First Contact. These tickets are only in this queue for 1 hour so it's important we work them quickly, but efficiently. 

If you're schedule to work the CA queue for the Mini pod, please be sure to work CA tickets by SLA. 

Click on CA, SLA Breach. Red Opens should be at the top :) Throughout the day, check your personal queue.


Intro to Tools & Resources

Tools & Systems

Please review the following DOCs - you'll need to be logged into RW.OKTA.COM

•Slack - Slack Chat Guideline

•Zendesk - Zendesk 101 , Zendesk 101: Statuses (New, Open, Pending, On-hold, Solved)

•Opsware - (THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT UPDATED AS OF 4/1/2017 but the terms + definitions are useful regardless) Opsware 101 

•Community - Community Guidelines

•Agent Documentation - (this is not a guide, just the landing page for our Internal KB)

•Phone.Wallet.Keys (PWK) Blog - RW blog

•Republic Sharepoint

A member can submit a ticket or email directly. This email/request becomes a ticket. Tickets are "triaged" ( into buckets, and then worked by Service Level (this is dependent on priority, bucket, etc.). 

Agent Documentation

There are many types of documents found here, but most importantly our SOPs and blogs to keep us as agents informed to the latest going-ons, bugs, events that impact our ticket volumes, etc.

Opsware Chart

In brief there are two types of accounts: we have a CC or we don't

A person can have a Community account but never have purchased anything from us- Community-only account. We can't search these accounts in Opsware.

Let's try Opsware! Using the login credentials provided to you, please open Opsware and search by email for: Can you identify which of the below is the Service Line ID?

  • 99000546946487
  • WiFi Plan (10000264S) Moto E 2nd Gen Phone Kit - Black (10000270A)
  • 705398b3-1cd2-4a4c-9b8e-c5d5234c8cc3

We are verifying (DOC-2509) a member who emailed from: Please check the CORRECT information that the member must provide for us to verify that we can provide account-specific information to them: (Hint 5 correct checks)

To verify this account the requester would need to provide us with:

Account Owner Name: RW Documentation Team (they can't sign w/a name that doesn't match because then we know they are NOT RW Documentation Team, regardless of how correct the other information is)

Republic phone number: (501) 261-9488

Device ID: 99000546946487

Last 4 digits of the CC on file: 5446

Billing zip code: 27606

  • Owner Name: Republic Member
  • Owner Name: Amie Nelson
  • Owner Name: RW Documentation Team
  • Credit card exp. date: 2/2022
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card on file: 5446
  • Billing zip code: 27606
  • Billing zip code: 1307119
  • Republic Phone Number: (864) 414-2938
  • Republic Phone Number: (501) 261-9488
  • Device ID: 99000546946487
  • Device ID: 705398b3-1cd2-4a4c-9b8e-c5d5234c8cc3
  • Republic Phone Number: 9195020758
Use the account associated with the email:

Support Teams Intro

Customer Advocacy

While working CA tickets the teams we work with out of HQ (Raleigh, NC often referred to NC) are: P&E - Partner & Escalations
Billing and Fraud
Other Vendor (FCR)

Technical Assistance

TAC tickets will likely have us working with: 


Tier 3

User Engagement/



Social Media

Customer Advocacy

The many “hat” team handling a multitude of items including account issues, member questions, and sets our tone into play - member first!
P&E Managers

NC-Only. Slack Channel: ml_support


The justice team that manages payment for phone purchases and monthly plans. Assisting us in crediting and refunding members when justice is due. (NC-only; SLACK channel: billing-ml)

Fraud Team

The secret team working behind the scenes to protect us against fraud rings around the world. (NC-only)


The techy team that handles issues related to phone functionality and Republic service such as activating, cell calls, RW app, etc.

CA can escalate tickets to TAC after TAC Level 1s are complete:
Escalating a ticket to TAC -

TAC Mentors/Leads (NC-Only)- Approve RMAs, approve exceptions related to warranty. 

Slack Channel: ml_support 

Tier 3 & BTS

The ninja team that bridges the gap from operations to support by managing incident notifications, system bugs, and outages. Develop and implement tools we use, like OW.

Some processes can only be completed with the assistance of T3 or BTS -

Ex. Tier 3 Fairy Form (change ICCID, WiFi MAC address, serial number, move Telephone Numbers across accounts)


"Expert members" who blend in the community and are paid to answer tickets. Directly cannot see member information

Community/User Engagement

The “friendly” team actively engaged on social media and Community to represent RW and help to bring our members the best experience and a voice within the “office”.

Note: These two teams & other RW reps answer questions in the Community (we do not).

ModusLink & FCR

FCR does important things that we do not: Livechat support, triage tickets, ADA/Hawkeye (text message support).
We do some important things that FCR does not: Cancel&RMA queues, assist in outreach projects via live phone call, full-fledged TAC team.

We all work in the same queues and depend on one another to uphold the same high standards for ticket handling, regardless of where we are located. We all strive to provide the best support for Republic and its members as possible.


Supervisor - Emily Lacock

Team Lead - Tom Weldon

SME - Austin Worlton

Colton, Myron, Sara S., Kiel, Dave, Amity, Ronaldo, Tyler, Josh, Natalie. M-F 7A-6P & Sat. 

ML CA Team

Supervisor - Anastasia Perez

Team Lead - Andrew Doman

SME - Heather Paredes

Katie, Lane, Jane, Pete, Travis, Katie, Jessy, Laura, Uai, Sawyer, Don, Aila, April, Derek