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About IDfy

IDfy provides services such as background verification, HR Decision Assistance, and Talent Management solutions. Started as a background verification (BGV) provider in 2011, IDfy has grown to encompass the end to end HR lifecycle. It is not only India's fastest BGV provider, they are also the fastest growing! And with their unique, easy-to-use online platform, they made HR and Talent Management decisions faster, simpler, and safer for their clients.

App for IDfy

You can download the app from this link:

After you install the app, give the necessary permissions in the app settings i.e, Camera, GPS, Microphone and File Location.


Different Categories for verification

Verification can be classified into 2 different streams. Address Verification is one category and Document Verification is classified again into 4 different categories.

Address Verification: Pictures + Survey responses

Document Verification:

Category 1: Form (Need to take printout )+[(Address Proof+PAN Card+Bank Statement etc) Collection from client] + Pictures

Category 2: Collection of Cheques+Survey+Sign on cheques and Collection of documents viz, Address Proof, PAN Card, Salary statement etc.

Category 3: Pick up the original documents+ Sign from the client

Category 4: 2 colour printouts of  Forms+ 10 pages form printout, Authorisation form+ collection of photo+ address proof and PAN Card

How many different categories are there in Document Verification?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 5
  • 4

App Methodology

Step 1: Click on Download

Methodology 1.1

Step 2: Check the Pending Jobs (If we have allocated 2, it will be shown as 2 Pending)

Methodology 1.2

Step 3:  Click on Pending, an expanded view will be opened up for each job

Methodology 1.3

Step 4: Visit the address and meet the client, take the below mentioned pics depending on type of verification.

i) Residence Verification: Door front, House front, Locality, Landmark,  ID proof pics

ii) Office Verification: Office interior, Candidate, Locality, Landmark and ID Proof pics.

iii) Document Verification: Pics of the corresponding docs mentioned in the mail.

Methodology 1.4

Step 5: i) Office or Residence verification , click on the tab “Take Photo” and upload the pics.

ii) Document Verification:

  • A Mail will be triggered on what all documents you need to collect from candidate, and also the printouts you need to take before the visit.

  • Visit the client and upload all the pics of the printouts in the tab “View Documents”.


Pic for Address Verification

Pic for Document Verification:


A mail will be triggered to your registered mail id mentioning all the documents required to be collected from the client.

Methodology 1.5

Step 6: Select the status accordingly. Choose between Positive and Negative. If Negative, comments should be clearly mentioned as to why the Status is Negative (e.g., client denied verification)

Methodology 1.6

Step 7: i) Office or Residence verification: Click on “Next” and finish the survey, then click on complete

              ii) Document Verification: Click on complete after you verify the images


Address verification

Methodology 1.7

Step 8: Till your reporting manager gives a go ahead, which he will give post checking your inputs, you need to wait at the candidate's location.


You need to strictly follow these steps for a positive verification.

For Document Collection Category, under which tab in the app do you upload the pics of the documents?

  • Take Photo
  • View Document
  • View Photos

Clients of IDfy & Categories

  1. AirBnB - Address Verification

  2. Swiggy - Address Verification

  3. British Telecom - Address Verification

  4. ZS Associate - Address verification

  5. Paysense - Address verification and Document Verification - Category 4

  6. Money-tap - Document Verification - Category 1

  7. Faircent - Office Verification, Residence Verification, Document Verification - Category 2

  8. Vodafone India PVT. LTD. - Address Verification

  9. CMS Infotech - Address Verification

  10. RBL Bank - Address Verification

  11. Federal Bank - Document verification - Category 3

  12. HUL - Address Verification

  13. Bristlecone technologies - Address Verification

  14. Busybee Logistics - Address Verification

  15. Sterlite - Address Verification

  16. Fidelity - Address Verification

  17. Care24 - Address Verification

  18. Ador Welding - Address Verification

  19. Avenue Supermart PVT. LTD.- Address Verification

  20. TE Connectivity PVT. LTD. - Address Verification

The client Paysense comes under which Category?

  • 4
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3