Trial Tux

Trials are a great way for interested Brides and Grooms to see the garments in person before deciding on Menguin. Paired with or completed after free swatches, Trial Tuxes are an easy way for Brides/Grooms to experience Menguin.



$40 Groom Trials

One look can be created on our Trial site. We ship these garments out to test drive for 48 hours for $40. If you use Menguin for your wedding, the $40 will be credited toward your final look.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your basic information to setup an account

Step 3: Create your look, enter measurements, and select a Monday to receive 

your Trial on. 

Step 4: Checkout! 

Free Trials

These are offered for Brides/Grooms that signed up for a free Trial at one of our many Bridal Shows across the country. 4-5 months before the wedding date entered at sign up, Menguin sends an email including instructions and a code to use at checkout. The customer checks out for 1 penny using the same steps listed to the left. 

Early Free Trial

Customer needs the Free Trial early...

You may be contacted by a Bride or Groom requesting the Free Trial early. Typically, the instructional email including the code to use is sent 4-5 months before the wedding date. In order to send this email early ask the Bride/Groom for the name, email address, and wedding date entered at the show. Find out which show they attended. Email or Slack this information to [email protected] The early Trial email will be received by the customer 1-3 days after.

Trial Limitations

Trial for Style, Not For Fit

The Trial is meant for the Bride/Groom to see one complete look (minus for purchase accessories) in person. While we verify and send the sizes entered, replacements are not an option for Trial Tuxes. CS Reps can discuss size changes with the Groom and these adjustments can be made for the final order. 

Grooms Only

The Trial Tux is intended for Grooms. Brides/Grooms are making the decision on the style. The purpose of the Trial is to help with this decision making process and settle any fears that come with online rental. Other party members have a chance for replacement sizes as a part of our normal rental process. If outside of the norm travel or logistics situations arise for other party members discuss these with your supervisor as an exception may be needed for the Trial. 

How we ship Trials

Trial Shipping

Customers select an available Monday delivery date through the Trial website. 

Trial garments are shipped as if the event date is actually the weekend after the Monday chosen. This allows the garments to ship out and arrive around the Monday selected.

For example, a customer chooses Monday, June 12, 2017 as the Trial date. We ship as if the date is actually Saturday, June 17th in order to have the garments arrive on time. 

Garments may arrive early! This is okay. As long as the Trial is scanned into UPS on the Wednesday following the Trial date selected, there will not be late fees associated. 

Post Trial Discussion

Bride/Groom may reach out post Trial...

Typically we can expect to hear from customers after they complete the Trial. This may come in several forms...wanting to discuss sizing or fit, quality, or what to do next.

If sizing adjustments are needed, locate the Trial and review these changes. Note these in the customer profile, edit them in the customer's account by masq, and you can even send them an email with these changes. The Fit Team will review and compare Trials sizes with the final sizes entered as well and reach out. 


  • Ask for his name and process the replacement need.
  • Give him a refund.
  • Ask for his name, locate his Trial order, and discuss sizing issues.
  • Discuss the Trial being for style not necessarily for fit so we do not offer replacements. Ask for his name, locate his Trial order, and begin to review sizing issues.
A customer calls for a replacement size on his Trial. How do you proceed?

A Groom calls and is interested in Menguin but would like to see the product before committing. How do you respond?