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Motorpass & Caltex Card

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December 2014

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Fuel and Maintenance Cards

Background Information - Fuel card providers

  • Prior to September 2014, the fuel card provider for Selectus was Caltex.
  • Selectus transitioned to Motorpass as the preferred provider in September of 2014.

  • The transition to Motorpass was originally mandatory for all existing customers, but after receiving some feedback from our customers, the choice of card became optional.
  • The default fuel card for all new Selectus customers is the Wex Motorpass card.

  • These cards can be used for fuel, servicing and maintenance.
  • All fuel cards have a monthly card fee of $8.60
  • This fee is mentioned in the Welcome Pack customers receive at the start of their lease
  • The fee is incorporated in their fuel budget.

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Fuel and Maintenance Cards

What is Motorpass?

  • Motorpass is the new Selectus fuel card available to customers who have a fully maintained lease with Selectus.
  • Motorpass is provided through Wex Australia.

  • The card can be used at more than 5,800 locations nationwide.
  • The Motorpass card has a monthly fee of $8.60, however, Leighton customers only pay $36.00 annually.

  • Payment of fuel, servicing and maintenance (provided customer has budgets allocated to all of these items) can be made using Motorpass.
  • Some sites will impose a surcharge for payment using Motorpass.

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Fuel and Maintenance Cards

Comparisons with Caltex

  • Caltex cards can only be used at Caltex locations (about 2000 nationwide).
  • The discount available with Caltex is 4 cents off per litre.

  • Caltex cards are accepted by most dealerships as payment. Motorpass may not be accepted for payment from dealerships.

  • The Caltex card has a monthly fee of $8.60, however, DHS customers who have a Caltex card only pay 38 cents per use.
  • Caltex card pin numbers are set upon first use at the Eftpos terminal.

  • Caltex card orders and cancellations must be completed through the Caltex web portal.

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Selectus Fuel Card

Card Number

Customer Name

Expiry Date

Vehicle Make & Rego

Products Available: Fuel, Servicing, Maintenance

On the back of the card, the customer will find the Wex Motorpass Customer Service Number – 1300 366 109

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Selectus Fuel Card– FAQs

Where can I use my card for Fuel?

Motorpass is accepted at over 90% of service stations, with over 5,800 locations available across Australia, including BP, 7Eleven, Caltex, Caltex Woolworths, Caltex Safeway, Liberty, United, Mobil.

To view specific locations, go to: