Health & Safety (copy)


What are the key process steps for the asbestos policy?

  • Triage
  • Site assessment
  • Make safe or repair damage
  • If ACM is identified or thought to be present work must stop immediately
  • Notify the client for approval to continue work
  • Following a positive test result - an accredited contractor must be used to remove asbestos
  • Work can commence when health and safety documents are approved by Symetri
Rank process steps in order from first to last.

Who is allowed to remove asbestos?

What is the minimum respiratory protection required for working with asbestos?

What PPE is expected to be worn when working with asbestos?

  • Safety footwear, gloves, respirator
  • Coveralls, safety footwear, gloves, respirator
  • Coveralls, safety footwear, gloves, mask
  • Coveralls, safety footwear, respirator
  • Coveralls, mask
Choose the correct answer.

What are the five primary objectives of the asbestos policy/procedure?

  • Provide early detection of asbestos containing materials (ACM).
  • Prevent harm to workplace participants and others in the vicinity.
  • Allow for suitably competent professionals to be engaged in the safe and lawful removal of ACM.
  • Allow for accurate notification, reporting and recording of information.
  • Prevent contamination of land surrounding the area of work.
Rank objectives in order from first to last.


What health and safety document must be approved before any work can commence on a site?

A completed and approved .

When is a task analysis required?

  • Significantly hazardous work
  • High risk work
Choose the correct answer(s).

What activities make up high risk work?

  • Asbestos
  • Demolition
  • Confined space
  • Scaffold
  • Working at height
  • Working on roofs
  • Mobile plant operation
  • Cranes and rigging
  • Excavation
Choose the correct answer(s).


What should you check on a scaffold?

  • Foundation
  • Bracing
  • Handrails
  • Mid-rails
  • Ladders
Choose the correct answer(s).

Non-proprietary scaffolding.

The width of a working platform for non-proprietary standing scaffolding must be .

What is the maximum distance permitted to be between a working platform and the edge of the working face when a guardrail is NOT is place?

  • 200mm
  • 250mm
  • 300mm
  • 350mm
  • 400mm
  • 450mm
  • 500mm
Choose the correct answer.

When soft soil exists under a scaffold, what should be in place attached below the base plates?


Which of the following documents contained within a SSSP require a site address?

  • A signed Symetri SSSP checklist
  • Notifiable works to Worksafe NZ
  • Hazard register
  • Task Analysis
  • Induction register
  • Sign in/out register
  • Tool box talks
  • Accident/incident register
  • Accident incident investigation
  • Safety inspections
  • Training and competency register
  • Hazardous substance register
  • Safety data sheets
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency plan
  • Near-miss report
  • Sub-contractor documents
Choose the correct answer(s).

A short form SSSP is required when:

  • Undertaking a site assessment
  • Escorting a specialist who is undertaking low risk work


How can you eliminate working at height?

  • Do the work on the ground
  • Use scaffolding
  • Use a harnesses
  • All of the above
Choose the correct answer.

How can you isolate working at height?

  • Scaffolding
  • Edge protection
  • MEWP
  • Safety mesh
  • Do the work on the ground
  • Harness system
  • Ladders
Choose the correct answer(s).

How can you minimise working at height?

  • Edge protection
  • Harness systems
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Safety nets
Choose the correct answer(s).

What is the correct angle/ratio for an extension ladder?

  • 5/1
  • 4/2
  • 4/1
  • 6/1