The Name of the Game is: Speed

Welcome! I'm excited to share my enthusiasm for the game of Speed with you.

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Step 1: What are we learning?

The Name of the Game is: Speed!

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Are you ready to make magic happen?

  • Yes! I brought an open mind. I'm ready to learn!
  • I've never been good at cards, but I'll give it a try.
  • As long as I can grab coffee first.

Step 2: Setting-up Your Game Board

Setting-up Your Game Board

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What should your game board look like?

Click on the image that shows a solid Speed game board.

What is that called again?

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Step 3: How to Play Speed

Finally! The good stuff...

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Let's take a minute to see how we're doing...

Move through the scenario below by clicking directly on the answer you feel is best. 

Step 4: You can't always win...

Unfortunately, you can't always win...

Hit 'play' on the video to see what a loss looks like in the game of Speed.

Is the statement below True or False?

  • You can't lose in Speed.

Step 5: Celebrate!

You did it! Thank you for taking the time to learn with me today. I encourage you to make a more meaningful connection with someone - teach them the game of Speed!

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