Sample Course on Grading Defects

Grading Defects

Team Leader

At any point, if you are in doubt about any aspect of how to evaluate a defect or how to interpret the defect portion of a specification, ask your Team Leader.

So what is a defect? How do we grade them?  The USDA standards are used as a guideline for which we grade the various types of defects according to size and color.

The tolerances which are set are based on the customer's view and the extent the defect level may reach before they seriously detract from the appearance of the product and also reflects the plant's capabilities to produce to these levels.

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Defects are evaluated by size and darkness in most cases. They are evaluated in the frozen state. Their size is usually measured by comparison to a template and their darkness (or discoloration) by comparison to a color chart.

Click to identify the major defect portion of the template in this picture