V04 - The Vendor Web Portal (copy)

The Vendor Web Portal has been updated (as of 9/15/2016) allowing faster, more streamlined use and has been made accessible from multiple platforms. Please read through the following information to learn what has changed.

The Vendor Web Portal (copy)

The Basics

You can access the new portal by logging in at Cyprexx.com or by using the following link:

Browser Compatibility:

The new Cyprexx Portal is compatible with the following browsers -


  •  Google Chrome
  •  Mozilla Firefox
  •  Internet Explorer
  •  Microsoft Edge
  •  Apple Safari

Additionally, Silverlight is no longer needed.

Responsive Website:
The new Cyprexx Portal can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone: the site will automatically resize itself making the portal mobile-device friendly.

Landing Page:
Once you log in to the new portal, you will see the navigation for the portal is located on a menu to the
left. If you are viewing the webpage on a tablet or a phone, the navigation will hide itself. It can be
accessed via the hamburger button:

To the right of the navigation menu, is your Dashboard.


Dashboard - (Assigned Properties, Messages, & Jobs Ready for Invoicing)

After you have logged in, you will be automatically directed to the new and improved Dashboard. The
Dashboard has received a complete overhaul. Now, its main purpose is to show every property with an
active service assigned to you and to allow you to complete those services directly from the Dashboard.

First, the My Messages and the Jobs Ready for Invoicing features can be accessed directly from the
Dashboard where they now have their own visual display:

This provides a visual queue and allows you to quickly and conveniently take action on these items as

Next, is the My Properties queue. This is where you will find all jobs with at least one active service
assigned to you:

Basic information pertaining to each job can be seen listed on the grid: ID, Property Address, City, State, Zip Code, County, Lockbox, and Gate.

There are four main options available to filter the My Properties queue: Services Due Tomorrow,
Services Due in 7 Days, Services Due in 14 Days,
or All Assigned Services. To apply any of these filters,
simply click the corresponding button provided at the top right of the screen, seen here:

Please note that this feature uses the Due Date entered in our system. If a service does not have a Due
Date, it will appear in the All Assigned Services group.

In addition to filtering, you can also sort any of the columns by clicking the column header, or perform a
search using the Search field:

Once the My Properties queue has been sorted/filtered as needed and you are ready to take action on a
property, you can do so by clicking the Actions button for that job, seen here:

Selecting Property Details will redirect you to the Property Details page, and selecting Property History
will redirect you to the Property History page. Those are both options that you are already familiar with.
However, selecting Quick View will open a Property Information section directly below the My
Properties queue, seen here:

Please note that simply clicking on the job from the My Properties queue will perform the same action
as the Quick View button.

Some basic information is provided via expandable displays at the top: Utilities Info, Securing Info, and
Property Checklists:

If any checklists are pending for the currently selected job, you could complete and submit the checklist
from the Dashboard by utilizing the Property Checklists section. If there are no pending checklists
currently, the section will be blank.

Also in the Property Information section are two main tabs: Services and Maintenance:

These are the same as the Services and Maintenance tabs you are already familiar with from the
Property Details page, with the following conditions:
 The Services tab will only show services from the last six months
 The Maintenance tab will only show service from the last three months

To view older services, you will still need to visit the Property Details page.

The Services tab columns include basic information such as Qty, Service, Description, Status, CTS Date, CTS Vendor, Delayed To, Completed, Approved, Invoice, and Invoice Date. A Search field is also

The Maintenance tab columns include Service, Subtype, Amount, CTS Vendor, Due Date, Completed,
Invoiced, Invoice Date,
and Issues. A Search field is also available:

Please note that before completing a Maintenance service, you must first choose a Subtype from the
drop-down if applicable. If the Subtype drop-down is unavailable, that service was either completed
already, or the CTS Date is in the future and the service cannot yet be completed.

Using these two tabs, you can view services, upload photos, and complete services as needed using the
Actions button:

This provides you with a quick means to complete services for jobs without having to search for the job
and open the Property Details page, which can be time consuming.

Property Details - (Checklists, Invoicing, Photo Manager, Services, Maintenance, Work Orders, Bids, Documents, & QA Issues)

The Property Details page displays information for the job, much in the same way that clicking “See
Details” would on the previous web portal.

The new web portal, however, allows you to take action on a service from the Dashboard, so searching for a property and heading to its details page is not necessary in most cases.

 The Property Checklists button will show if there are available checklists on that property. Clicking this
will display a dropdown with available checklists:

The Invoicing Details button will display a screen where any invoicing for that job is available.
The Photos Actions button is a dropdown that works like the Photo Manager button from the previous
version of the portal:

By choosing Photo Manager from the dropdown, you can upload photos for multiple services, including
maintenance services, from the same page.

Back on the Property Details page, more information is located in expandable boxes that can be
displayed by clicking the plus sign in each box. The info can be hidden again by clicking the minus sign:

You will find the same tabs at the bottom of the Property Details page as were on the previous vendor
web: Services, Maintenance, Work Orders, Vendor Allowable/Bids, Documents, and QA Issues.

The services are displayed similarly to the previous web, but have a bit more information. You can now
see the Delayed To as well as the Approved date and Invoice information as that data becomes
available. At the end of the service line is an Actions dropdown which allows you to Complete Service by
entering a date, or Upload Photos. Please remember these options are available on the Dashboard as
well for services going back up to six months.

The maintenance for a property is displayed on the Maintenance tab as before. When a maintenance
service is cleared to start, you can choose a sub-type (if applicable) and choose to complete the service,
view photos, or download work orders with the Actions dropdown. The Complete Service option allows
you to enter a Complete Date, upload photos, and enter any issues. Please remember these options are
available on the Dashboard as well for maintenance services going back up to three months.

Work Orders
The Work Orders tab allows you to download the work orders for a job with or without pricing.

Vendor Allowables/Bids
The Vendor Allowables/Bids tab allows you to upload a bid via the Add New Bid button and send it to
the coordinator similarly to the previous web.

The documents tab will display documents that are set to Vendor visibility and allows you to upload
documents directly to the property for your coordinator.

QA Issues
The QA Issues tab will display all Remediation Items which you can set completion dates for by checking the box alongside the item and choosing the Set Remediation Date button.

Uploading Photos

The Upload Photos screen is very similar to the previous web, but no longer has an Unassigned Photos
area. For Before, Action, and After photo types, you can upload and move photos using the Actions dropdown located in every box. You can also move photos by dragging and dropping them from column to column. Additionally, you can add photos to any column by dragging them right from your desktop and dropping them into the correct boxes.

Property Search

The Property Search screen allows you to search similarly to the original vendor web; however, you
should find that most of your properties display on the Dashboard. Enter any part of the address to
search for a property.

The list that displays gives you a few options. You can click on the loan number to be brought to the
Property History page.

Clicking on Actions will give you a dropdown option and will also take you to the Property History page
or Show Jobs, which will display the jobs for that loan below:

You can then click the Job number from this to go to the Property Details page or choose additional actions i.e. View Photos or go to the Property Details page.

Property History

The Property History page displays all the services that have been assigned to you on that property,
regardless of department, going back the life of the property. If you need to access services that are
more than six months old, or maintenance that is more than three months old, you can do so from this
page. Clicking on the Service name will take you to the Property Details page for that job.

Reports (for Maintenance services)

The Reports page allow you to generate a report of your assigned maintenance services. After choosing
which type of report you would like, you will be able to set filters for the report including a start and end
date, and the file type you would like to download.

We're Here for You


If you should need assistance with navigating  your vendor dashboard, you may reach one of our I.T. Help Desk associates by calling (866) 516-6348 Ext. 4444 or send an email to VendorSupport@Cyprexx.com.


  • To access the Vendor Web Portal, I go to www.cyprexx.com and click 'Log In'.
  • The Vendor Web Portal is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.
  • The Vendor Web Portal cannot be accessed from a mobile device.
Select TRUE or FALSE.

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  • View Jobs That Are Ready to be Invoiced
  • View Messages Sent to Vendor Network

(?) The Vendor Web Portal can be used to

  • upload photos.
  • report completion of an assignment.
  • complete and submit checklists.
  • submit a bid.
  • submit an electronic invoice.
  • view important messages that were sent to our vendor network.
  • view and/or print Work Orders
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