Smartphone journalism

Journalists are increasingly using smartphones to create their reports in the field. Find out how to build your own reports from location.

Learn to film reports on smartphones

PNG: The BBC's portable newsgathering app

Landscape or portrait?

Holding smartphones when filming

Learn to record sound using your smartphone

What is the quickest and easiest way to record a loud event on your smartphone?

Tips on recording sound

Put these android and iPhone voice recorder apps in alphabetical order

Voice recorder HD
Audio recorder
iTalk recorder
Voice recorder pro
RecForge II
Quick recorder
Easy voice recorder
HT professional recorder
Smart voice recorder

Learn to edit content on your smartphone

Place these mobile video editing apps in alphabetical order

Adobe Premiere Clip
VidTrim Pro
Vee for Video
Video Grade

Tips on editing using your smartphone

Learn to broadcast your reports from location

Which of these can you use via smartphones to broadcast reports from?

Tips for broadcasting your reports from location

Learn to build your story through social media

Which of these are social media methods you can use to build your story?

Tips for encouraging social media engagement