Practice 100 - Performance Management

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level practices, Performance Management espeicially.


(Performance Management) Which of the following are part of Performance management? [Multiple Choices]

  • A snack manufacturer wants to improve their revenue performance
  • A skin care manufacturer hopes to increase market share in lower tier cities
  • A durable manufacturer uses a new slogan and a new celebrity in its advertising communications
  • A manufacturer, who used to only have body wash products, launches a hair care brand
  • A local bank wants to improve their customer experience at all touch points

(Performance Management) If a Bluemoon sales director asks Nielsen to help monitor their execution in a No. 1 hypermarket chain to make sure trade spend is well invested, which of the following areas would it fall into? [Single Choice]

  • In-Store Execution Monitoring
  • Merchandising service consulting
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Shopper Insights

(Performance Management) How many retail outlets are there in China? [Single Choice]

  • 300,000
  • 1,000,000
  • 3,000,000
  • 10,000,000

(Performance Management) What are the key client questions that Performance management practice can address? (Multiple Choices)

  • How can I deeply understand my market performance vs competition?
  • How do I convert shopper at POS more effectively?
  • How do I improve financial performance by optimizing space and shelf, price and promotion?
  • How do I track my brand performance and customer experience?
  • How do I know who I should target to launch a new product?

(Performance Management) What is/are typical client business question(s) in the Sales Force organization? [Multiple choices]

  • How do I improve my distribution in lower-tier cities?
  • How do I optimize shelf availability & execution to reduce waste?
  • How to take my brands to new categories?
  • How do I improve my ROI on trade spend?
  • How do I optimize my category to boost sales?
  • How do I gain share from competitor?
  • The clients want to know how to attract new users

(Performance Management) What are typical retailer client questions regarding Performance management? [Multiple choices]

  • How do I improve my store performance?
  • Do I need to expand stores to more cities?
  • Is Hyper the only store format that I should operate with?
  • How do I build longer term sustainable store equity?
  • Which product idea has the most potential to sustain in the market
  • Whether the sales revenue of the new product can cover the year 1 marketing spending

(Performance Management) What are Nielsen Solutions that help address issues in Sales organization? [Multiple choices]

  • RMS to quantify market share and identify distribution opportunities in cities or channels
  • Location analytics to identify which trade areas and stores will provide maximum sales opportunities
  • Linx with a list of store address to plan for more effective sales routes
  • NSO and Mirrow to ensure execution in store is perfect
  • Brand Tracking to understand brand health vs competition

(Performance Management) How can Performance management solutions help Retailers? [Multiple choices]

  • Shopper segmentation to identify the right target segment to improve traffic and basket size
  • Shopper Loyalty analytics to identify who the loyal shoppers are and drive repeat purchase
  • Understand Shopper Decision Making process to help optimize assortment and items
  • Price check solution to help monitor price positioning to stay competitive. performance

(Performance Management) What the solution(s) below is(are) not Nielsen Performance management solution(s)? [Single/Multiple Choice(s)]

  • Price & promotion modelling
  • Winning Brand
  • Market & Brand Advisor
  • Customer Experience
  • Nielsen Store Observation
  • Retailer Price Check
  • Nielsen Linx
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Digital Advertising Rating

(Performance Management) What does Performance management practice commit to? [Single Choice]

  • Measurement
  • Improvement
  • Measurement & Improvement
  • None of the above

What tool helps measure retail market size and category trends?

  • Nielsen Linx (Trade Dimension)
  • Retail Index
  • ScanTrack
  • Nielsen Mirrow

Shopper marketing wheel consists of 7 important steps starting with

  • Business context analysis
  • Retailer and manufacturers joint business planning
  • Shopper insights
  • Strategy Development