Test Course 1

Section 1 - Kitchen Hazards

Are there hazards in any kitchen?

  • No, Kitchens are very safe.
  • Yes, Kitchens have a whole set of hazards!
  • Unsure

Kitchen Hazards


Hazards in the kitchen include a variety of things that could cut you, for example:

  • Knives
  • slicers
  • sharp edges of various containers


Burns can be caused by many things in the kitchen:

  • Hot stove top
  • hot water
  • hot food
  • etc.

Untitled text matching question

  • Cuts
  • Burns
    Hot Liquids
  • Slips
    Spill on floor

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Untitled statement question

  • Cuts and other injuries to the hands can be caused by knives.
  • There are no hazards in the kitchen.