Urth Saver Product Knowledge - Questions Only

At the end of this module the Energy Savings Specialist will be able to understand and explain the Urth Saver product to potential customers

Test - fill in the blanks

Urth Energy and  the solar system

Landlord can advertise their premises as one as adopting  

Test - Match the statements

using the drag facility with your mouse drag the answers fro the right over to left and match them correctly together
  • Monthly electricity bill
    paid by direct debit
  • If the customer consumes more electricity than the solar system generates
    additional electricity is drawn through the grid
  • Customer can buy the solar system
    yes, as the total amount of the system depreciates over the years to 40% of its value
  • If the system has a fault or is damaged
    Urth Energy will repair the system at no cost to the customer
  • If you move as a tenant or sell the property as a owner
    the contract can be reassigned with Urth Energy's permission

Test - True or False

  • Urth Saver solar electricity is more expensive that grid electricity
  • Customers cannot sign up to the Urth Saver Agreement if they are a tenant
  • Urth Saver saves you money from Day 1
  • Urth Energy installs, maintains and insures the solar system at NO COST to the customer
  • Landlords building is less attractive to tenants as it has solar energy installed
Select whether the statement is true or false