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This is an assessment to see how much you know about zebras. If you ever go on a safari, it would be good to know in case your friends asked you for pictures of zebras.

How do you know you're looking at a zebra?

Test Content about zebras

There's a horse and a zebra. Zebras have stripes, horses generally don't.

What is the main characteristic that makes a zebra different from a horse or a donkey?

Here is a picture of a horse and a zebra. You can tell the zebra by its stripes.  Horses generally don't have stripes.

  • Spots
  • Stripes
  • Wings
  • Horns
  • I don't know

Check all statements that are true:

  • Zebras are black and white.
  • Zebra stripes are generally vertical
  • If you breed a black horse with a white horse, you get a zebra.

So, are all of these guys zebras then?

Stripes aren't everything though. So it can get a little tricky. Luckily you won't find some of these guys on your safari.

Not a zebra.

Not a zebra either.


How are zebras made?

True or false: Each zebra has been carefully created by a special painter painting the stripes on a white horse.

How not to make a zebra.

  • True
  • False

Can zebras do yoga?


Zen Zebra Yoga. :)

And on that note, goodbye!