Admin Training - Access, Navigation, & Searching Exam

This assessment will gauge your knowledge on accessing, navigating, and searching within Southwire's Success Factors LMS. Answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Accessing the Learning Admin Portal

Rank the following steps to reach the Admin Center of Success Factors in order from top to bottom.

  • Navigate to the iAM Exchange
  • Select the "My Career" tab
  • Select iAm University
  • Select the "Home" drop-down box
  • Select "Admin Center"
  • Select the "Learning Administration"

Accessing the Learning Admin Portal.

  • To access the Learning Administration Portal, you must first navigate to the Admin Center and select the "Learning" icon.

The Learning Administration Portal allows users to customize "Quick Links" to provide fast access to different tools as a learning admin. Select the quick link options which are of most use to learning admins.

  • User Needs Management
  • Record Learning - Multiple
  • Registration Assistant
  • Add Content Object
  • AICC Import

Navigating the Learning Admin Portal

The Awesome Bar is used for:

  • Searching for elements within the Learning Administration portal
  • Adding learning items to the catalog
  • Assigning learning to users
  • Recording attendance for courses

Match the following Learning Admin element with its corresponding functionality.

  • Bookmarks
    Used to organize system records and entities. Allows you to save elements which are used often to avoid searching for frequently accessed records.
  • Recents
    Keeps track of the last 50 records you have accessed in the system.
  • Content Frame
    The corresponding screen displayed when a left menu option is selected. The working area where searches are conducted to retrieve, view, and edit records.
  • Awesome Bar
    Used to perform a keyword or quick command search.

Searching within the Learning Admin Portal

Select all features provided by the search tool within the Learning Admin portal.

  • Create and delete a search filter
  • Save your searches to use later
  • Download your search results to a Microsoft Excel file
  • Perform a mass search by uploading a CSV file

Select the image which represents creating a filter in the search tool.

Searching within the Learning Admin Portal.

  • The search tool allows you to add or remove search criteria

Place the following steps of searching using a filter in order from top to bottom.

  • Click on the filter icon
  • Use the search tool to narrow your search field
  • Select the items you would like to add to the filter
  • Click "Add to Filter"
  • Click "Submit Filter"