How to Save a Microsoft Word Document

In this course, we will cover the proper procedure for opening, creating, and saving a Microsoft Word document.

1. Opening Microsoft Word

The Program

Microsoft Word is a piece of software which is known as a program. We open a program by finding the shortcut within a computer and selecting it. We will begin this lesson by finding the shortcut to the Microsoft Word program on  a Windows computer.

Let's Begin

We will first begin by finding the "Start" menu on the computer. For Windows machines, this is located at the bottom left corner and is denoted by the Windows logo.

Start Menu

Once the "Start" menu is opened, navigate to the search bar. We will use this to search for the desired program.

Search Bar

Begin typing "Word" into the search bar, and the shortcut to the program should appear at the stop of the start menu. Open the program by double-clicking the shortcut.

Word Search

2. Creating a New Document

Creating a Blank Document

Microsoft Word is now open and running on your computer. To create a new document, we will select the "Blank document" option from the startup screen.

Blank Document

We now have a blank document to begin typing.

New Document

3. Saving Your Document

Save As

Once you are finished typing, you will want to save your work. To do this, locate the "File" tab in the top left corner of the window.

Test Document

The resulting screen will allow you to open, save, print, and share documents. We will be using the "Save As" tab in order to save a new document. Select the "Save As" tab.

Save As

We will now determine the location in which we would like to save the document. To save it to the computer you are using, select the "Computer" option.

Save as Computer

Select the "Browse" option to open the Windows File Explorer and select the location to save the document.

Save As Browse

Where to Save a Document

Once the Windows File Explorer is open, direct your attention to the frame to the left. This frame allows you to browse the numerous folders found on your computer. Here, you may select which folder you would like to save your file. It is currently set to save the document in the "Documents" folder.

Save As Document

If you would like to save the file in a different folder, you may browse to find the folder you want.

Next, we will look at the "File name" box. This will allow us to choose the name we would like to give to our document. You will need to know the folder and file name to find your document later.

Save As My Test Document

Once you have selected the desired folder and file name, select "Save" to complete the save for your document. After the same is complete, you may confirm that it was a success by noticing the file name you chose at the top of the window.

Save As Complete

4. Finding and Opening Your Document

Locate and Open the Saved Document

So you have saved your document and you want to come back later to finish it up. We will now cover how to find the document you have saved.

This can be done numerous ways, but we will use Microsoft Word's tools to open a document for this tutorial.

First, open the Microsoft Word program by searching for the shortcut in the start menu as previously covered in the tutorial.

Word will keep track of documents that you have been working on. If you see the file name of the document you are searching for under "Recent" on the start-up screen, you may open the document simply by selecting the file name.

Open Recent

If you do not see the file you are looking for under "Recent," you may select "Open Other Documents" to browse for the file you need.


As before, select computer if your file is saved to your computer and then select browse to open the Windows File Explorer.

Open Computer Browse

Navigate to the folder you saved your document in and select the appropriate file name. Once this is complete, select "Open."

Open My Test Document

You should now see your document open within Microsoft Word.

Open Complete

Final Quiz

How do you open The Microsoft Word Program?

  • Search for it in the Start menu.
  • Search for the program on Google
  • There is no program known as Microsoft Word

How do you create a new Microsoft Word document?

  • Open Microsoft Word and select "Blank Document" at the start-up screen
  • Search the words "Blank Document" in the search bar of the Start menu
  • Open the Notepad program and begin typing

How do you correctly save an open document in Microsoft Word?

  • Select the "File" option and then select "Save As"
  • Close the program.
  • Simply speak to your computer and say the words "Save my document"
  • There is no way to save a document in Microsoft Word

What is one way to open an existing document in Microsoft Word?

  • Open the program and select your recently saved document at the start up screen
  • Documents cannot be opened in Microsoft Word
  • I do not know what a document is
  • Right click the Microsoft Word shortcut and select the "Properties" option