HireVue Build Level 2 Product Certification

This Pathway will walk you through the material and courses needed to reach Level 2 HireVue Build certification. 


Basic HireVue Navigation

HireVue Basic Navigation


Managing Users and Permissions


Reporting PDF


Creating an OnDemand Interview

Creating an OnDemand Interview


Sections/ Questions


Adding Candidates


OnDemand Overview (The Candidate Experience)


Evaluate and Share an OnDemand Interview

Evaluate and Share


Managing Candidates


Tags, Filters, and Bulk Actions


Tag, Filters, Bulk Actions .PDF


Creating a Live Interview

How to Create a Live Interview


Participating in a Live Interview



Apply: Create and send out your first HireVue

Your HireVue Experience

You've made it! Now it's time to apply what you've learned. In order to achieve level 2 HireVue Product Certification you will need to do the following:

1. In your HireVue account create a HireVue Introvue. The purpose of this Introvue is to introduce your friends and family to HireVue.


Intro Video describing HireVue and the Introvue you created.

4 question interview that will let you see what their thoughts are on the experience.

Closing Video thanking them for taking a HireVue.

Send your newly created HireVue to 3 friends or family and yourself. 

Complete your interview that you created and add "Kgivens@hirevue" as an evaluator. 


Good luck!