Customer Service Induction

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs about customer service expectations at Kier. We will cover the following:

- Who are our customers

- Our commitments to customers

- Customer charter

By the end of the course you should be able to avoid customer conflict, and feel confident when dealing with customer queries or complaints.

Our Customers and our Commitments

Respecting people, property and the Environment

Customer Service

Within Utilities at Kier we face Customers on a regular basis, therefore we need to be aware about how we interact with them. By respecting the people, property and environment we are instantly reducing the impact our work has on the local community.

Customers can look forward to a service that supports the things that matter to them the most, delivered with pride and respect and in a way that reflects our core values

You should be:

We will be , and

You should:

  • Take ownership of customer issues
  • Refer the customer to someone else


  • Communicate proactively
  • Give short answers with little information


  • put yourself in the customers shoes
  • Put the customer in your shoes

We need to:

our impact on the community

These 5 commitments

5 Commitments

By delivering these 5 commitments we can expect great outcomes for our customers

The outcomes of great customer service

We can expect great outcomes:

Our vision is to be a world-class customer focused company

If you provide good customer service, we could begin to see some outcomes which would save us time and money, and even help us in winning further bids.