Interview Module

This course will provide instruction on how to use some Review features in Microsoft 2010.


Click the appropriate tab that will allow you to access the comments and track changes features of Microsoft Word.

Click the appropriate location to change the display of the document between the Original and Final document, with and without showing all changes and comments.

Select the display options that show the document with changes and comments displaying.

  • Final
  • Final: Show Markup
  • Original
  • Original: Show Markup

Suppose you and a collaborator are working on a document. They send it back to you with all changes and comments showing. You would like to see the document with all of their changes incorporated and no comments. Which display option is most appropriate?


Select whether each statement is true or false.

  • To revert a document to the version before comments and changes were added, without any added comments or changes displayed select "Original"
  • To accept a change within a document, highlight the text that has a strikethrough and press the backspace button.
  • To add a comment from the margin of a document, highlight the text you wish to comment on and select "New Comment."
  • To reject the changes that have been made in a document, open the document with the changes and comments displayed then select "Restrict Editing."

Which method is appropriate to delete a comment from the margin of a document?

  • Go to the Review tab and select "Accept All Changes"
  • Go to the Review tab and select "Delete All Comments"
  • Highlight the text that is linked to the comment and Select "Reject Change"
  • Right click the comment in the margin and select "Delete Comment"