Testing a Simple Course

Testing the course functionality to see if we could use it for CP Clients.

Your new website 101

Your new website has two sides, the front-end and the back-end; we'll be learning what each one offers in this section!

The Front-End
This is what everyone thinks of when they imagine the website; it is the site itself. Both your public and staff members will be using this side of the site on a daily basis.

Our staff members will use the front-end of the website to edit, or create, pages. You can decide which pages the staff will be able to edit.

The Back-End
The back-end of your new website is only accessible by staff members you have given access to. In the back-end, we can work on our modules.

What's a module?
A module is a piece of the system designed to manage different tasks, like creating a calendar event or creating agendas.

The Front-End is where I can edit, or create, pages.

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