Intro to HACMAN

Introducing Harnham's new sales structure!

This 5 minute overview introduces the HACMAN structure so that you can use it in your calls with clients and candidates.

What is HACMAN?

The HACMAN structure

Our new Sales Structure

The HACMAN sales structure is unique to Harnham. It's been designed to balance an effective candidate and client experience and ensure you get all the key information you need during your conversations.

It's made up of 6 stages. Let's take a look at each stage in turn.

Step One: Hook

Objective: To generate interest and attention from our client or candidate.

The Hook is the call opening.

It consists of 4 parts - hover over the image below to learn more about the stages.

Step Two: Ask

Objective: To gather information to identify needs

We use a range of questions - open, probing and closed to gather as much information as possible from the candidate or client.

Example candidate questions*

  • How is your job search going?
  • What have you seen/applied for?
  • Why are you looking for a new role?
  • What does your current role involve?
  • What systems do you use at the moment?
  • What are some of your key achievements?
  • What's important in your next role/company?
  • What is your current salary package?

Example client questions*

  • How long have you been recruiting for this position?
  • Why has the role come about?
  • What does the role involve?
  • Who is involved in the decision process?
  • What are the candidate "must haves" for this role?
  • Where might a potential candidate be working at the moment?

*this is not an exhaustive list or shouldn't be used a list of questions to ask!

Step Three: Confirm

Now we show our understanding!

We do this by

1. Provide a summary of key points

2. Closed Question - 

"Is there anything I've missed?" 


" Is there anything else that's important?"

Step Four: Match

Objective: To provide a solution to the needs we have identified

This could be

  • A role
  • A candidate
  • A way of working ( e.g. retainer, headhunt etc)

Step Five: Ask Back

Objective: To get feedback on our Match

One simple open question!

"How does that sound to you?

"What are your thoughts?"

Step Six: Next Steps

Objective: To gain commitment and confirm next steps

We do this in 2 parts.

1. We gain agreement( on fees, on interviewing the candidate, going to interview etc)

2. We confirm next steps. What do we want the candidate or client to do next?

Gain Agreement

Next Steps

Match the Stages of HACMAN with their objectives!

  • Hook
    To generate interest and attention
  • Ask
    To gather information to identify needs
  • Confirm
    To show understanding and make sure we've not missed anything
  • Match
    To provide a solution to their needs
  • Ask back
    To gather feedback on our Match
  • Next Steps
    To gain agreement and confirm next actions