Project Management Short Course

As a manager you can never have a complete skills set. There is always more to add and this course will provide you with the ideal opportunity to broaden your knowledge and grow in your profession.

Important functions of a project manager

Which of the following skills do not apply to the responsibilities of a project manager?

  • Find ways to personally fund the project
  • Define the project clearly and realistically
  • Clarify expectations in order to avoid missunderstandings
  • Apply project tools and techniques in managing the project activities

Functions of a project manager

The purpose of a project manager is to perform a great variety of functions in order to obtain the successful completion of a project. The basic of those functions include planning, organization and resource management. Every project will bring a unique set of factors and challenges that the project manager has to address and orchestrate effectively. In order to adapt to any given project, a project manager must also be able to apply the following skills:

  • Compose a clear and realistic definition of the project;
  • Draw the lifecycle of a project and list the critical checkpoints;
  • Make all expectations clear to the project sponsors and others involved in order to avoid misunderstandings;
  • Through proper delegation of resources an on-going feedback, appropriately involve other people;
  • Self-management, commitment and accountability must be evidently encouraged when assigning responsibilities to people;
  • Use different project tools and techniques to help in manage different activities and checkpoints throughout the project;
  • After setting clear objectives for each phase of the project, use them to continually evaluate the success and progress of the project;
  • Understand the value of following a structured, methodical and disciplined approach to managing projects.