Aligning Project management to Event planning

Events are often a disaster because of lack of proper execution, you find that although the event is on and people are attending it lacks that thing..The element of success.  eing qualified as a event planner does not guarantee the success execution of an event. Event styles and knowledge should be accompanied by extensive knowledge of project execution. The aim of this course is to align event planning skills to project management. Event planners are skilled with creating, developing, planning and managing glamorous events and project management will help plan costs, quality, time, staff  and tracking work progression.

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What is the importance of the life cycle of a project?

Define Project Management

The event planners are qualified in their field the above will ensure that their misconception about project planning will end. They will have the real conception of what project management is and how it’s applicable to their world.

The training will be structure to ensure that the event planners grasp the meaning of project management. This will be achieve by the trainer spending more time explaining the concept of project management, asking questions and ensuring understanding.

The content that speaks to the above outcome is Introduction to Project management. The contents start by defining the different levels of project management i.e. initiating, planning, executing and controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria as defined by Wikipedia.

The content further explains that the primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.  Planning an event is a project that needs to be executed from start to finish and using the eight sequential steps of project management will ensure that every event planned is a success

By understanding the skills required to execute the basic steps of project executions, the planners will be able apply as well as evaluate the project effectiveness and plan to do better the next time, thus learning for the future. Thus bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

  • It ensures that the planner has sufficient knowledge to execute the project
  • The life cycle is insignificant
  • Life cycles are important plant creation