Project Management 101 by JJOSIAS

Project Management 101 aims to serve as a refresher course for all learned, qualified, experienced Project Managers and Event Planners. Topics covered include The Project Life Cycle, Project Management best practices, the 8 sequential steps of Project Management, Budget Management, Control Mechanisms and more. This course is a 1 stop shop for any process within project management that needs to be revisited by professionals wanting to ensure success of their projects.

LO5: Setup and monitor controls.

Project controls aim to minimize the gap between?

Project controls are gathering of data, management and analyses used to predict, understand and influence the time and cost outcomes of a project, through the communication of information in various formats and presentations which allow the management of the project, including decisions, to be taken effectively. This definition encompasses all stages of a projects lifecycle throughout. A project control also aims to minimize the gap between project planning and project execution in order to achieve project objectives. E.g. Cost and Time controls.

  • project planning and project execution
  • project budgets and project planning