Batman and superpowers!

Do you like superheroes? Which ones are your favorite? Anyone who loves a villain? Today, we will talk about Batman and his equipment.


Batman suits up!

Batman dressing up and carrying his equipment.

The famous characters from Batman

Who is this?


The superhero dressed in protective armor who fights crime.


Batman's trusty sidekick who helps him when he is in danger.

What about this?

The Joker

Psychotic archenemy of the superhero Batman.


Superhuman strength and intelligence has made him a very strong rival to Batman

Batman's equipment

See what the equipment Batman uses is called!

More equipment!


Superheroes with superpowers!


Superman has X-ray vision, superhuman strength, power of flight and invunerability.

The Flash

The Flash has supernatural speed as his super power.

Villains and their superpowers!

Dr. Freeze

Dr. Freeze has the power to freeze  anything that comes his way with his Freeze gun.


Magneto has magnet powers which allows him to levitate  and have powers like telekinesis.

Superhero quiz!

Why is Bane a threat to Batman?

  • Because of his money.
  • Because of his supernatural intellect and strength.
  • Because of his bald head.
  • Because he has deadly weapons.

Who is this?

  • Batman
  • Bane
  • Dr. Freeze
  • The Flash

Who is this?

  • Dr. Freeze
  • Magneto
  • Robin
  • Deadpool

Which superpowers does this guy have?

  • To freeze people
  • To mess with people
  • To slam people
  • Superhuman speed.

Which superpowers does this guy have?

  • Super strength
  • Healing
  • Magnetic powers
  • Telekinesis
  • X-ray vision
  • Flight

This superhero...

  • hasn't got any superpowers!
  • has superpowers!

This is Batman's archenemy?

  • No!
  • Yes!

What is his superpower?

  • Flight
  • Super strength
  • No superpowers
  • Healing
  • Freezing people

Where are the nunchucks?

Where are the gloves?

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