Product training check-in and hardware

This is a simple quiz as a follow up on the product training check-in and hardware.

Check-in & hardware

Which hardware does not work with Virtuagym?

  • Barcode
  • RFID
  • Vending machines
  • Telephone check in

When a client asks: I've got barcode scanner X, does this work with Virtuagym?

  • We support every barcode scanner.
  • We need to check the specifics of your barcode scanner, you can also check:
  • We don't support barcode scanners

True or False

  • Virtuagym supports RFID scanners
  • Virtuagym also supplies the hardware (cards & scanners)
  • Credits and the membership management works together with the check in
  • Drink dispensers work with Virtuagym
  • You can connect Virtuagym with a turnstile WITHOUT a relay
  • You can connect a receipt printer to Virtuagym, to print POS receipts