Assignment in Moodle

Using the learning activities of MOODLE platform the teacher could set specific tasks to the learners and evaluate them after their completion. The obtained grades are included in the learner’s personal gradebook for tracking their progress.

Adding an activity

Adding an activity

Choosing an assignment

What is an assignment?

The assignments are activities, intended for the teacher to set homeworks, classwork or projects to the students. Essentially the assignment puts a problem or a case to the learner, who is required to create digital content and to upload it into the system possibly until some fixed deadline. When the assignment is ready, the teacher should evaluate it using a grades scale and/or text comment. The digital material could contain text, electronic spreadsheets,  presentations, images, audio, video, etc. and could be in any file format. The assignments could be a useful tool for independent or collaborative work practice, combined with course group mode, and tracking the learners’ progress.

Assignment's basic options

Assignment's basic options

Assignment types

Online text

 It is a simple assignment, which asks the student a question, sets a problem or a case to be solved and requires an answer (i.e. short essay) to be entered directly into the platform, using the embedded HTML editor. This assignment could be triggered by choosing the corresponding option during the assignment addition into the course. File upload could be selected together or separately from the online text. It could be added in a window the like the one in the screen on the left.

File submission

The trainer determines the problem and the maximum number of the files, which contain  the solution. This option allows the student to upload up to 20 files to the platform. The assignment solution requires some number of files to be developed (with no limit regarding their type) with size lower than the maximum allowed. If the number of the files is not defined preliminarily or is too big, the files could be compressed into zip or rar format and the archive could be uploaded into the platform as a single file. The learners could add some comments to the files, for example their description, in the case this option is provided by the trainer. When the learners are ready with uploading, they have to confirm that the assignment is ready for submission, in the case this option is selected and after that the assignment could not be edited.

The system allows the student to edit his work by adding new files and/or editing and deleting the existing files. If a student attempts to upload more files than the maximum number of uploaded files, the system sends him a  warning message for error.

An online text and file submission options could be used together in the same assignment

  • True
  • False

Which file types could be used in an assignment?

  • .doc, .docx
  • .xls
  • image formats (jpg, png, gif, bmp, etc.)
  • .pdf
  • All file types