Meet Our Latest Members

Hi there, ll,:

We are very pleased to introduce our new hires! Please join us in giving these colleagues a warm welcome=)

Our new colleagues

Welcome our new team members!

Happy to introduce:

  • Mikhail, Support Manager
  • Susy, HR Assisstant
  • Carl, Designer
  •  Linda, Designer

Mikhail, Support Manager

  • Reads Harry Potter annually
  • Owns a “Hall of Fame” of e-mails with misspellings of his name
  • Prefers rock to any other kind of music

Susy, HR Assistant

  • Climbed up Ben Nevis at age seven
  • Has an 60-lb dog that is scared of her 12-lb cat
  • Crazy about photography

Carl, Designer

  • Learned Italian just for fun
  • Can solve a Rubik's Cube with a time of 28 seconds
  • Enjoys restoring his grandad’s bike

Linda, Designer

  • Once stood within 20 feet of The Queen (indeed!)
  • Cares deeply for appropriate apostrophes, articles, and the Oxford comma
  • Obsessed with bungee jumping 

Who is who?

  • Linda
  • Mikhail
  • Susy
  • Carl

What about hobbies?

  • Linda
    Cares for Oxford comma
  • Mikhail
    Fond of Harry Potter
  • Carl
    Knows Italian
  • Susy
    Has a dog and a cat