Disease Manager

This course will show you how to use Disease Manager to implement comprehensive control and surveillance strategies for key infectious diseases.

Getting Started

Select Diseases

Select Disease

You should use Disease Manager to work on those conditions that are important to your farm. Choose from the available list by clicking on the ‘Select Diseases’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've added all of the relevant diseases, choose which one you want to start with and click 'Review'

The 5 Key Sub-Sections


This next screen summarises your status and progress in the five key areas of disease management and provides a central point for navigating through the module.

At the top of the page is a radio button to select your cattle introduction policy; this will be pre-populated based on the herd information contained within Settings. It is important that the correct introduction policy is recorded, as this will impact on the strategic options presented later in the module.

As you work through the module, the blue question marks will turn into RAG (red / amber / green) icons providing a clear visual indication of risk or status in each area.

Risk Assessments and Control Plans

Disease Risk Status and Bio-security Planning

Risk Assessment Questionnaires

The top three categories in the table show the results of the general biosecurity assessment. You may well have completed this risk assessment in Biosecurity Manager or whilst using Disease Manager Plus for a different condition; if so, these cells will be pre-populated.

The following two items in the table are assessments that weight the risk of this specific disease entering and spreading within your herd.

Updating or completing all of the above risk assessments is very straightforward. Simply read through each question and select the radio button against the statement that applies to your farm.

Creating a Bio-security Plan

The final part of the Disease Risk section is the Bio-security Plan, which gives you the opportunity to define what measures you will put in place to try to prevent the introduction and/or spread of the specific disease on your farm.

Plans are comprised of strategies and tasks. Selecting the strategy that you intend to employ to reduce the risk of disease will predetermine the tasks that you need to carry out to make the strategy a success.

When you come to select the tasks, you will see that there is a column called ‘rating’ - this shows how effective that particular task is in achieving the chosen strategy. The higher the rating of the tasks you select, the more robust your bio-security plan will be. You can also prioritise some tasks above others in your plan.

Work through the following screens and save your plan. This section is now complete and you can return to the Overview screen by clicking on the Johne's Summary button.



In this section, there are three sub-categories - Vaccination Schedule (summarising information of administered vaccines), Vaccination Status (vet-assigned confirmation of your current vaccination position), and Vaccination Plan.

Vaccination Schedule

Clicking on ‘Review’ will take you to the Vaccine Manager, where you are able to enter details of vaccines administered, enter reminders for vaccines due in the Task Manager and look at your vaccination history for a given disease.

Click on the ‘Update’ button to add new vaccinations into your schedule. On the next screen, simply select a vaccine from the available list and then complete the yellow boxes for each animal group, as appropriate.

You can click on the ‘History’ button to view a full history of all the vaccinations recorded for that disease. From this screen, you are able to edit the details of any vaccinations already administered (including those that appear in your current vaccination schedule) and you can also delete a record from the vaccination schedule if required.

Once your vaccination schedule is complete, click 'Back' to return to the Disease Manager vaccination module.

Vaccination Status

Status is easily assigned using the table on the left. This can only be assigned by a vet - the button is greyed out on farmer access.

Vaccination Plan

Click on the ‘Review’ button to enter details of your vaccination plan. Once you have entered the relevant information, click ‘Save’ to see a summary of your vaccination plan and then use the ‘Continue’ button to return to the Disease Manager vaccination module.

N.B. Vaccination plans form part of your health plan, and therefore you may see a green icon and ‘Plan Complete’, even if this is the first time you have used Disease Manager Plus. 


Once the Vaccination Section is complete, the overview screen should look something like this:

Click on 'BVD Summary' to go back to the main BVD Disease Manager screen.


Surveillance Overview

In the surveillance section you can document your plan for monitoring disease levels and also view test results specific to that disease.

Surveillance Status

The surveillance status is automatically assigned when you create a surveillance plan. This page allows you to overwrite that value. 

Surveillance Plan

The structure of the surveillance plan is the same as that of the bio-security plan - please refer back to the Disease Risk Status and Bio-security Planning section for further guidance.

Surveillance Results

Use this section to refer back to recent test results and to check on whether or not disease has been confirmed on the farm.

New surveillance results can also be added here and emailed directly to vets and farmers.


Once you have completed all of the Surveillance sub-sections, the overview screen will look something like this: