Pratice 200 - PM: Right Merchandising

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 200 level practices


Which 3 aspects are included in Nielsen view of right merchandizing?

  • Optimized space aware assortment
  • In Store shelf space management
  • In Store Compliance Check

Do we have to conduct store cluster analysis before any assortment optimization analysis? What is the best answer below?

  • Yes, we always need to run this step.
  • Yes, we always have to use Nielsen way to complete this step
  • It is recommended but not always has to. We can work on the store clusters client defined

At which granularity we can give optimal assortment recommendation?

  • By store cluster by brand
  • By store by brand
  • By store cluster by SKU
  • By store by SKU
  • All above

Please select true or false

  • The key advantage of Nielsen Assortment Optimization is we only consider incrementality rather than rate of sales.
  • We can benchmark market/competitors to give assortment optimization for given retailer.
  • ATPRO is the software to work on space aware assortment optimization
  • Assortman model can only give optimal number of SKU for each segment/brand/SKU within category.

Whose interests need to meet when we design planogram

  • Shopper
  • Manufacturer
  • Retailer

How do you decide a planogram?

  • Define Category& its Decision Tree
  • Define Product Range
  • Define Merchandising Rules
  • Create Mud Map(Blueprint)
  • Create Planogram
  • Optimize category presentation

Please select key benefits when using automated planogram

  • Planograms with standard, regional and local assortment for each store
  • Planograms fitted to each store sales
  • Planograms with real store fixtures
  • Planogram update efficiently

What are Nielsen Mirrow’s advantages ?

  • Decreases audit time up to 80%
  • Improves accuracy of in-store through 99.9% accuracy
  • Drives sales and uncovers in-store gaps quicker

Answer True or False

  • ASO is the integrated solution we sell to client only as total package
  • ASO is designed to boost productivity by automating time-saving tasks while delivering advanced analytics to ensure fact based decisions.
  • ASO is only the interest of retailer.