Dealing with angry players

Want to be a customer support guru at Knockout Gaming? Dream of being a leading expert who is constantly improving customer experience and, consequently, the Knockout takes?

So...ready to deal with furious and frustrated customers? 

This course will help you make even the angriest customers happy.

In this section you will learn to respond to personal insults made by angry customers, and to control yourself being cool as a cucumber in the face of stress.

Mischief happens...

We all have fantasies of fighting fire with fire, when we try to handle an insulting, manipulative or frustrated customer, and it seems so unjust that we aren't "allowed" to fight back. However, you can't really insult the customer. The customer may be abusive, but even if you revenge, by backbiting, you will end up paying the double price, through complaints to the higher authorities, feeling stupid and yielding a loss Knockout Gaming!


Meet Sandra

This is Sandra. She is a new customer support manager at the multinational corporation. However, she is initially employed  for a three-month probation period. Jane is very nervous and diffident.

Customer Service Techniques

To be prepared for customer support challenges, Sandra should learn the right techniques to overcome the possible problems. Here are techniques Sandra needs to defuse the outraged customer.

  • Admit mistakes technique is used to calm down the customer by admitting the mistake, whether you made it personally or the company you represent made it.
  • Allow venting is used for allowing the customer to let off steam uninterrupted, the idea is that the customer will eventually calm down on his or her own.
  • Empathy statements are used as the primary response to any situation where the customer is upset or angry. The idea is to prove to the customer that you understand his or her emotional state.
  • Not taking the bait technique means not responding to insults or abusive comments made by a customer.
  • Preemptive strike means anticipating a problem a customer might face and acknowledging it before the customer brings it up.
  • Provide explanations technique means giving clear explanations to the customer. We should never explain internal processes to our players however.
  • Refocus technique is used to bring a conversation with an angry customer to the original issue or topic.

Handling insulting customers

It's Jane's second day at the office, and she has a stressful call from a furious customer. She is at her wit's end and needs assistance. Keep in mind that Jane's career depends on the outcome of this conversation.

Choose the defusing techniques used by Jane

  • Allow venting
  • Empathy statements
  • Provide explanations
  • Not taking the bait
  • Admit mistakes
  • Refocus
  • Preemptive strike


Sandra is exhausted but happy. With your help she managed to deal successfully with her first angry customer. A lot of new challenges are ahead but Sandra is on the right track.