Introduction to Project Management

In this course you will learn about the difference between Project Management and Regular Management. If you were unsure then this will be an eye opening experience sure to change your outlook on project management forever!

The difference between Project Management and Regular Management

What is false about timelines?

Four key component to consider

Managing a project is different to managing a department or ‘’regular management’’. In this module you will learn about the difference between the two types of management. 

Consider the following fourcomponents when differentiating between the two types. 

  1. Timelines:     A project has a lifespan which means that it will start at a certain point     and if successful it will end and a certain point. Other types of     management such as a department manager will have an ongoing process of     management. A project manager will have deadlines to meet whereas a     regular manager will always be managing with longer term goals needing to     be achieved. 
  2. Functions:     A project manager is focus on specific goals, these goals are derived with     a purpose of seeing the project from start to finish within the specified     deadline. A regular manager takes on multiple roles to fulfil their     duties which may include recruitment, general management and budgeting. A     project manager will delegate these roles to various team members. 
  3. Results:     A project manager needs to produce results at various milestones. These results     will determine the project’s success. Once the results have been achieved     the project is over and the project manager has been successful. A regular     manager has a longer term view and will focus on ongoing results over a     longer period. 
  4. Compensation:     A project manager usually gets compensated for the project they are     working on. Some projects may have a bonus\incentive structure attached.     Regular managers are able to achieve salary increases on a regular basis     including company benefits.  

  • Project Managers do not have deadlines to meet?
  • Project managers must meet deadlines to achieve a successful project
  • Regular management does not always require specific deadlines to be met for it to be successful
  • All projects will start and end