The YAC Guide

Supporting Young Adult Carers (aged 16 - 24)

Who are young adult carers?

Young adult carers are young people aged 16 - 24 who care for a family member who is unwell. This could be due to a long-term illness, disability, mental health issue or substance misuse problem.

We don't always realise we are carers and could have even been caring from an early age without realise - it just seems normal to us.

We have to balance college / school work alongside responsibilities at home. This is different for everyone but could include taking younger siblings to school, personal care (dressing/showering). checking meds or sitting with someone when they feel low.

All young adult carers deal with things in their own way but it's important support is available to us - we need help sometimes. We've created this guide to help those likely to encounter YACs provide the right support. Thanks for caring.

Want to help?

GYC's YACtion forum have written this resource and feel there are 4 things young adult carers need from those supporting them:

Someone to talk to.

Flexibility and understanding.

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Support for the person I care for.

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