Refresher course for project managers on planning for a project.

This course will refresh the memory of a project manager, with the help of the Eight Sequential Steps of Project Management, to plan better for a successful outcome of each project.

Know how to handle action that needs to be corrected or praised

Empower team members and set up controls to ensure smooth sailing.

When working as a project manager the team is an essential part of planning and implementation for a successful result.

Step 5, of the Eight sequential model of project management, is to Empower the team and set up controls. Firstly, as a project manager, it is very important to assign team members with specific assignments and responsibilities. Give team members authority to make decisions. This will stream line the project and make sure that every component will get done in time without relaying on one person.

Secondly, it’s important to set up a control system in different parts of the project for example: milestone charts and budget charts.

Step 6, control in progress, is the regular implementation of Step 5. It is important to set dates for when controls must be checked. Ask for feedback in for example a written report or a checklist.

 Step 7, Follow up, re-plan, give feedback, requires a project manager to follow up on the controls and feedback. Checking this on a regular basis allows one to take corrective action when needed before it is too late. It also encourages people to throughout the process instead waiting too long to start with their responsibilities. Regular follow up also helps one to praise the team members who’s doing an outstanding job. This will motivate them and others to continue their work with a positive attitude.

Choose the missing word: As a project manager, it is important to assign your team members with .................. in order to complete the project successfully.

  • responsibilities
  • nothing
  • personal tasks, like picking up lunch