San Luis Coastal Unified School District

This course is simply a test. (Description would be placed here)

Section 1 Demo

Drag and Drop the correct answer

  • Mandatory Prayer
    Not Lawful
  • Individual Prayer
  • Moment of Slience
    Probably Lawful
  • School Orchestrated Prayer
    Not Lawful

Select the best phrase to use in an evaluation.

  • a. There is no active learning going on in your classroom.
  • b. Students are not attending to instruction and are not on task. They are sleeping, talking, and drawing instead.

Select the best phrase to use in an evaluation.

  • a. You have been tardy 15 times in the past three months.
  • b. You are excessively tardy.

Match concept to definition.

  • Quid Pro Quo
    You do something for me and I will do something for you
  • Hostile Work Environment
    Sexual harassment with a detrimental impact on the working environment

Can you compliment a coworker on his or her clothes?

  • Yes
  • No

How many women ages 18-34 have been sexually harassed at work in America?

  • 5%
  • 11%
  • 29%
  • 48%

As a supervisor, can you be forced to pay money from your personal bank account or assets for not addressing sexual harassment of a co-worker?

  • Yes
  • No