Project Management Basics

Are you a project Manager and can always do with a basic refresher of all the basics you need to excel in your job? then this is for you! start now 

Project Management objectives

What are objectives

  • Statements specific to what should be achieved
  • Should include nouns
  • A skill
  • An asset

Why to set objectives for your project!

Project management has a finite lifespan and requires resources on a part-time basis however it is always good to have objectives especially when you working towards a time-line (due date). Outcomes will help you and your team identify and define what should be done, what should have been achieved and how it should have been achieved, who must be involved and what will final outcome be. Always define what a outcome is before identifying the various outcomes for your project. Set criteria for your outcomes so that the outcomes are achieved by meeting the criteria and not just achieved to meet the outcome. Outcomes should be identified before the project starts. Each outcome should have a different goal. The purpose of the outcomes is to identify what should be achieved at the end of the project as long as the outcomes are achievable they should all be met.